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Grav'ria Caravan Wagon


The Grav'ria Caravan Wagons were the staple form of transportation in many regions and was an iconic view in the Da'ja Desert. The Grav kingdom, Hassn'ala, in northern Carnala, milled and produced caravan wagons, ships and various weapons made from the trees of the Ethgravi Forest. The Ethgravi Forest is an expansive northern forest that grows along a gosmayr vein and is known for its large, colorful trees. But the trees had another unique property that was sought after in all corners of the world. The wood had a high concentration of gosamyr that naturally occurred in the wood allowing for longevity and additional runes and spells to be placed on The Hassn'ala foresters and carpenters made much requested wagons and ships for many kingdoms.   It wasn't until the Great War did the trees get used for weapons and other equipment made for war. This greatly devastated the forest and with the raising of the Hassn'Saual Mountains, it completely depleted the Gosamyr in the vein that fed the forest. The trees that grew in the Ethgravi Forest after that no longer has its unique characteristics.

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The ships and wagons and few weapons that can be found today littered across the regions are only an echo of a time before and are a more prized treasure to its owner.


Hassn'ala foresters milled the forest for its resources and created the requested goods that were then produced from the wood. Their skilled carpenters then made ornate trading wagons that didn't damage easily, ships that could sail the seas for generations, and weapons that were always reliable.   Mages placed runes on these wagons designed to protect the goods and to conceal the caravan wagon itself. This was usually used when traveling through lands that were known for raids. Some wagons had additional runes on them that prevented theft and damage.   No more are there items that are made from this wood.  


The wagons are still a common but very prized sight to be seen in the Da'ja Desert. Traders and merchants alike use these wagons a carry their goods across vast distances to meet the needs of neighboring kingdoms. Many of these wagons are usually pulled by either Shur'fots or Giant H'tontusks.

Cover image: by Jaye Haych on Unsplash


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