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Kite sled

A kite sled is a type of vehicle used for crossing the rocky Old Windswept region of the Desert of Kalir. Though extremely hard to control, and relying on rather unreliable winds, some expert few have mastered this form of transport and provide life-saving services across the desert. More often than not, a kite sled is made and used by Qadi-Sadina.


The foundation of a kite sled starts with wraughtwood skis. The hard, durable, black wood has proven to be the best material for crossing the rocky desert plains of the Old Windswept, resisting wear and tear from both the rough surface friction and the heat. The wood is made pliable by boiling the ends in a large cauldron, after which it is bent into shape using a special mold. The molds are usually carved into solid rock, and the few clans that makes kite sleds carve their molds into a stone surface near where they're settled, or a place they always return to (for nomads). Three skis are made for each sled, held together by dovetail lap jointed cross beams that are glued with hide glue.

The body of the sled is made from whatever wood is available, and is covered in a thick canvas. It needs to be front heavy so as to not lift off when pulled by the kites, so the front end usually holds a heavy, steel-reinforced water barrel. A seat is added for comfort on most sleds, though the most hardcore among the Qadi-Sadina may dare try to steer while standing. The back part of the body is naught but the back ends of the skis, but is often equipped with ropes and hooks for storing a tent or a tarp.

The kite(s) are made of a wraughtwood frame using leftover scraps from the making of the skis. Attached to the frame are two layers of thick canvas, the bottom layer in the clan colors of its maker, the top layer in the colors of the desert to provide some camouflage to prevent wind crawlers from swooping in.


Primarily used for crossing the inhospitable desert using the fastest means available, the winds can pull a kite sled from coast to coast if need be. Only the most skilled desert rangers are able to reliably maneuver this vehicle, giving the elite among them the opportunity to carry goods and people across the desert at a premium price. The largest sleds can carry up to three people, including the driver.
Stealing a kite sled from the Qadi and taking it into the desert is a foolproof way of dying in the most expensive way possible.
Heard on the outskirts of Haverhill

2 - 4 meters
40 - 60 centimeters
100 ~ 700 kg, depending on size and cargo

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Cover image: by JazzDude


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4 Aug, 2022 02:31

Amazing work! I love wind travel in the desert.

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Thank you, but the star of this article is the artist that drew the sled for me, be sure to check him out!

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