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CGM Ithavoll

Augmentum's Ark

2156: Commodore E. Rammage Personal Log

A transcript from the personal logs of Commodore Earl Rammage.

The story of the Ithavoll is mine. I saw her built as a child, entered adolescence and adulthood in her decks. Served half my naval career aboard her. She is mine, like the oceans are mine, like the crew under my command is mine. Birthright and reward for the sacrifices I made in perpetuity for our Conglom and the supremacy of the human race. The flagship of The Conglomerate of Gaia is the mighty aircraft carrier Ithavoll, a floating city with enough bite to send any naval ne'er-do-well to the bottom of the waves. 

My ship was commissioned before the fulcrum of Lieben's treacherous overthrow. Halfway through completion, the development team and engineers took a 180 on the tech mandated for the Ithavoll's systems. All the newest and brightest pieces of technology were gone. Lost to our use, without the self-proclaimed Mater Machine checking over our shoulders like the tutting step-parent we never asked to have hoisted upon us.

But the Idless, the ones who joined the Conglom anyway, were tricky bastards used to bespoke creations and hidden tech. Had to be, heaven knows the Conglom hunted them down enough. Nomadic dissidents couldn't be trusted, but once Lieben yanked all our stuff, made it her own, an enemy of my enemy built me a ship. I didn't realize much at the time, how my father was one of the Conglom Board eyeing the progress for impromptu reports.

2110 the Ithavoll completed its shake-down. Two years later, with enough contraband whiskey to get by and a picture of my newborn son, I stepped aboard. At the time, the Ithavoll was dark. Messages took months to reach family, and even then we were under strict no-contact clauses in our contracts. Nothing Lieben could use to find us. Nothing the quantum tin can needed to reverse what secrets we built in the 'basement'.

A hidden realm which split the waves and kept to motion in the endless rotating expanse of the seas. Supplies are airlifted or brought aboard by smaller Canteen Class cargo-runners, we don't make port. We can't afford to let the Assets in the lower decks close enough to sniff out land. At times we have escorts of a few Stern Class battleships, or a Bastion Class with Canteens. For the most part, we run alone. Half flagship, half research station, the Ithavoll is the Conglomerate's first defence against Lieben's rise. Experimental tech is sealed in vaults, the most precious experiment in the Conglomerate down below the water line.

The Retreat

Below the water line, on the lowest of the Ithavoll's 16 decks is the Retreat. Science lab, birthing chamber, training ground for the monsters we build gene by gene and gestate in cylindrical tanks. The Assets Program began in the under-decks of the Ithavoll, and as of 2156 it continues faced with a singularity-sized void we'll all be pitched into if there's more trouble.

Dr. Rykstra leads the Retreat's scientists, my personal thorn-in-the-side Max Allard leads the Asset Containment Unit (ACU) until the wide-eyed kid loses all sense of control and snaps like the twigs used to make his beloved surfboard. Only a small portion of the crew know the Assets exist in the first place, operational secrets are pay-grade only, and read-in on a need to know basis.

Yet, I couldn't deny their existence once AD-001 Aderastos made landfall at the Ucluelet Haven. Now, the Ithavoll continues to avoid as much heat as humanly possible, and our monsters in the basement get two hours per day of time in the sun.

I will ensure my ship fulfills its' mission. We will discover the perfect weapons to rid our planet of this frag-mother, Queen of Scraps. I will watch the light in those amethyst eyes dim and power down, and then? I'll mount Lieben's android body to the prow of my ship and make port for the first time since 2122.

The Ithavoll will save the human race, or I'll be scuttled to the bottom of Marianas with her.

Weapons & Armament

  • 4 x Hoplon CIWS
  • 4 x 30mm Mk 5 Guns
  • 8 x Miniguns
  • Laser point defence

Armor and defense


Communication Tools & Systems

  • Spotlight Communications System
  • Radar
  • Sonar

Hangars & docked vessels


Freedom through Dominance
Creation Date
January 3rd 2110
Owning Organization
Current location
Related Myths
Related Professions
Extreme Rarity
85,000 tonnes
32 knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Power Generation
Propulsion System
IEP powered by Redacted
Additional & Auxillary Systems


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