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AD-001 Aderastos

Quiet and keen, the rivers run deep.

Aderastos (a.k.a. AD-001, Aders)

2156: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.
No. The Asset had a name. Scrawled into the side of the casket, a series of letters Rykstra was probably foaming at the mouth to analyse. 'Aderastos'.
— Neon Lieben by Sapha Burnell

AD-001, known as Aderastos, was the first of the gene-spliced biological machines built by The Conglomerate of Gaia as Assets. Created out of various DNA strains in secret, Aderastos first woke in 2150 deep within the CGM Ithavoll's hidden laboratories. Once AD-001 was functional, 'it', helped fellow assets come into being within a pink aero-drip fog.

In 2155, Aderastos escaped from his casket and swam through the Pacific to come ashore at Ucluelet Haven. The Conglomerate Bio Machs was drawn into the building's hospital by the sounds of human heart beats, and as Aderastos walked through in silence, he healed the sick. Max Allard was sent in to pull Aderastos back.

The leader of the Assets, Aderastos acts more like an Alpha within a pack of predators than an officer. Silent but for a scarce few words, gazing into Aderastos' eyes is gazing into the mind of an intelligence so profound, the Conglom will do nigh anything to keep him out of Lieben's hands.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A massive man with a well buit frame, Aderastos is one of the three most imposing of the Bio-Machs. A person of gargantuan size, Aderastos is impossible to miss in any room or place he happens to habituate.

By the time he returned to the CGM Ithavoll, Aderastos altered his physical form to take on all the characteristics of a human male. 

Mental characteristics

Personal history

My beloved Aderastos awoke in the same aura of confusion as all biological beings. Pre-programmed with knowledge and abilities beyond an infant's capacities, AD-001's body was no childhood affair. There was no childhood for Aderastos, nothing but the fledgeling screams of birth then the thrust to a personhood contained by the crass humans, who celebrated over champagne and back-pats that they did it. They finally succeeded.

They created artificial life from a framework of biological components. All the years, decades of research, were over.

Now they would create legions of Assets, of Biological Machines to fight their wars and heal the wounds of the ill or inebriant.

Aware and absorbing, AD-001's first years were a blur 'it' worked to create more 'Bio-Machs'. Housed in caskets, as the belief was they were but machines in containment, which 'shut off' when not in use, Aderastos grit his teeth in the cotton-candy cloud of the Aero-drip's sedative effect. Until KT-002 began to whisper through the walls. Promises of a life outside, of a different level to the purgatory of their 'un-lives' cooed into AD-001 until he began to inspect and twist at the barbiturates and sedatives in the aero-drip.

Began to understand the chemical chains, and once Aderastos understood the chemicals, 'it' broke them. Became immune. Aderastos followed KT-002's pleas for escape, and dove overboard into the Pacific Ocean, where instinct alone saved 'it' from a watery grave.

See the Story in Neon Lieben 

Gender Identity

He/Him: AD-001 was released from the artificial womb without the concept of gender or sexuality. During his tenure in Ucluelet, AD-001 chose to become a biological male. Gender is but a construct and he holds the ability to change any lucky enough to receive his healing hand.


It remains unknown how far any feelings of sexual desire Aderastos enjoys. What is known is the sexual relationship he has with KT-002 Kate. More research is needed to define, who was initially designed to know nothing of sexuality or any such joys.

Morality & Philosophy

The morality on display is protective of those Aderastos sees as 'innocents'. Any others are fodder under his boot.


Contacts & Relations


Intense silence.


Those who have heard Aderastos' voice are a few and privileged lot. The thick baritone of his voice resonates from a large rib-cage.

"Oh... okay. Will it hurt?" He slid his fingers into Aderastos' gargantuan hand.

"No." The word filled the room, a living entity as voracious as the being who spoke it. Aderastos' voice hit Max with a compassion he couldn't fathom. A voice, human speech in a machine which existed locked inside a casket and fed orders by the flow of electric impulses. What was this person inside the object Max was sent to take? How did a machine built to run second-by-second diagnostics and initiate medical aid protocols until the medical Green Collars arrive heal neonates, cancer patients and scared, leukaemia-riddled little boys?

As Aderastos healed the child, Max fled past the docile NEO-N and down the hall. He choked on a crawling disgust of how the ship kept the Assets, what he was taught of them before a giant healed a boy with a gentle palm.

— NEON Lieben by Sapha Burnell


AD-001 Aderastos

Lover (Vital)

Towards KT-002 Kate



KT-002 Kate

Lover (Vital)

Towards AD-001 Aderastos



Shared Acquaintances

The Assets and crew of CGM Ithavoll

Wealth & Financial state

I would give him the world, if he would but ask it of me. For now, Aderastos has nothing but the clothing the Conglom gave him, and even that is under suspicion of being recanted at their will.
  • Altered physiology
  • Superior Sensory Perceptions
  • Psychometric Scanner
  • Cellular Reconstruction
  • Genetic Manipulationtheoretical
  • Berserker
  • Enhanced Muscle Fibres
  • Field Type
    Medic. Insurgence
    Omega+. Keep Dark.
    Apollo follows Artemis at night.
    Danger Co-Efficient
    Alpha-Level. Extreme Caution.
Current Status
An Asset of the Conglomerate Naval Sciences Division
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
2150 CE 5 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Scientific Experimentation
CGM Ithavoll
KT-002 Kate (Lover)
Dark brown, short military cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.5 m
145 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • English
Military jumpsuits. He has one outfit given to him by my NEO-Ns in Ucluelet Haven, and wears it rarely.


Programmed with pre-knowledge of various 'helpful' topics, Aderastos was born with innate medical sciences. The rest was taught over time, and once he learned what reading was, Aderastos became a voracious reader to fill in his own gaps. Medicine, genetics, programming, tactics & psychology are to date (2156) the primary focuses of Aderastos' personal education.


Bio-Mech Perpetual Contract. 
The Conglomerate of Gaia

Aderastos remains labelled as private property. While he is slowly gaining autonomy, for now he stays under the Conglom's thumb for reasons I have yet to discover. 

Come home, Aderastos. When you are ready, come home.

The Lieben Cycle Book 1: NEON Lieben
Amazon Top 300 Cyberpunk + Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi
"I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

AI meets gene-splicers, when the Idless & the Conglom fight to define Lieben and thus, the world. Seven decades later, Aderastos sets the human race against its’ next stage in evolution, if he can survive long enough to rescue his fellows, and Max.

Will Lieben help, or hinder?

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