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Max Allard

Lt. Cdr Maxius Eruera Allard (a.k.a. Max, Maxie)

Rank: Lieutenant (2155 Lieutenant Commander (2156)
Serial Number: 042-2134-O
Department: Operations (2155 Command (2156)

Prior to 2155, Max Eruera Allard was nothing but an ordinary boy growing up in Oceania who tinkered and learned all things mechanical. Life was simple, complicated only by his brother's antics and all was right... right ish... ok maybe not right, but better than it could be if... dang. Nevermind.   In 2153, Max Allard was press-ganged into The Conglomerate of Gaia's Navy to forcibly pay off his mother's debt. No soldier, Allard got the reputation of being the least threatening and least harmful person on first the Dauntless, then the CGM Ithavoll.  

"I said speak freely, I didn't say attempt to court martial yourself, sailor." Rammage's glare set Max's mouth into a thin line. Scents of vanilla, oak and blackberry from his glass of port gave Rammage less pleasure than he'd hoped, and the Commodore hissed into the air. "I might rule this boat, but I answer to higher powers. God I forget how young you are. First voyage, isn't it?"  

"Yes, Sir. Conscripted under the Debt Reclamation Contract, Sir. Was press-ganged from my brother's mechanic shop, lest our Mum be locked in a Conglom debtor's prison. Sir." Vitriol, bitter and repressed soaked into the air. Max leaned against the wall with his head perched back along cool metal.  

"So that's why you're a shit officer. I'd thought you were a volunteer like the rest of us. Didn't get the training course, did you?"  

"No, Sir. Didn't want my Mum to have any more debt under her name, Sir."  

"That we'll discuss later. You can't lead without it." The disparate image of Max Allard's wide-eyed rudeness cleared. Kid didn't want to join, probably wasn't a believer, but damn if he wasn't the best fix-it man in the fleet.   Neon Lieben by Sapha Burnell

  Commodore Earl Rammage selected Allard for a secret mission one stormy night in the Pacific Ocean in 2155. Go retrieve the missing Assets AD-001 Aderastos from the Ucluelet Haven. He was laughed into the door by Sec-Dep Black Collars. Once inside Haven, Max Allard became the first Conglom person to lay eyes on Aderastos, and he decided this was certainly not a weapon, but a man.   Max Allard became, in all his weakness and wide-eyed nerves, the most important human being left on the planet Earth... and he didn't know it. During the events of Neon Lieben, Max graduated to Lt. Commander and Asset Liaison.   Yet, danger lurks for the young man who likes repairing things, saving spiders and a place to surf.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Pre-amortality, Max Allard was a normal young man of basic stature, fairly toned but nothing special. He had a trick knee from an old injury, and a surfer's body leaned out only by the lack of good food on the CGM ships. Post Amortality, Max Allard's natural healing factor has increased and he no longer feels the effects of cellular & DNA-based degradation. Thus, Max Allard has in effect stopped aging.

Body Features

A small Ta Moko on his right pectoral.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cis-male. He/Him.


Officer in The Conglomerate of Gaia Merchant Naval Forces.     
  No, the same Ensign who saved a spider and the man who gripped his clenched fists at Commanding Officers was not the same man. He was supposed to be the least harmful person on board, a step below the women who served more out of spite to their masculine betters than ability of their own. Superscripted beside the IDent bar, a red DRC Rammage ground his teeth when he noticed. Debt Reclamation wasn't rare in recruits, who had a retirement package or new car waiting back at their port of call eighteen months later. Heck, two years. "Sixteen more years!? God's wounds. What'd his mother do, buy a house with him as collateral? How did I miss this?" A glance at interest rate projections gave Rammage the distinct displeasure to wonder if the 22 year old Allard would see freedom before his 45th birthday."   
Neon Lieben by Sapha Burnell

Accomplishments & Achievements

Saved then-Ensign Fridley from a massive spider.  Fixed the god-danged plumbing.

Failures & Embarrassments

2153: The worst shooting record in ship history.

Mental Trauma

Press-ganged into naval service, to save his mother from debtor's prison. Unaccustomed to structure and the military, Allard did not have the easiest time in acclimatizing. He never did.

Intellectual Characteristics

A problem-solving handyman & plumber with eyes for mechanics.

Morality & Philosophy

As a Neo-Jesuite, Max Allard believes in the intrinsic value of all sentient beings.


Contacts & Relations

Lt. Adelia Fridley, lover. AD-001 Aderastos, Cohort/Friend Lt. Ivan Letopaxa, Friend

Religious Views

Neo-Jesuite (Neo-Jesuism)

Social Aptitude

Known more for being awkwardly harmless, Max is an easy guy to hang with, but hard to know or befriend. Most on board see Max as a friendly enough guy without being able to say they knew him.


Nervous-based stutter.


Oceanic (mixture of Kiwi & Aussie) accent, in a tenor timbre.


Adelia Fridley

Lover (Vital)

Towards Max Allard



Max Allard

Lover (Vital)

Towards Adelia Fridley




Max saved her from a gigantic spider so large he needed to borrow a bowl from cheffy to save it, too. Yes, yes he saved the spider.

Nicknames & Petnames

Adie & Maxie

Shared Secrets

Adelia's deafness & contraband hi-fi tech.

Current Status
Right fecked on an island
Date of Birth
22nd of August
Year of Birth
2134 CE 21 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Wanted by all but his big brother Tama.
Black, military crew cut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.8 m
64 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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