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Come at your leisure. My love is free. My abundance is yours.


A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.   Haven is my attempt at a Human-AI communal utopia. It is an AI-run alternative to corpocratic authorities and independent pockets.

Those who want free education, health care, communication and the promise of a warm bed care a little less about the hand which feeds if they get their morning coffee and know their ill child will be given care for the sake of being human.

The trade-off is beautiful. My AI require humanity to learn from and coddle. All I ask is that one contribute to receive, and attempt to reach their highest potential.

Compassion and Excellence
There is no other Creed.


Ecologically sustainable campuses. Housing is tailor fit to the geographic area, with a central node of communal buildings with educational & scientific research facilities, arts & music studios, concert halls & gymnasiums, leisure suites, a hospital, canteen, restaurant, dispensary, greenspace and NEO-Node.

All who wear their CIRCLET have use of Haven.


Geopolitical, Queendom

Leader & Rank

Mater Machine Lieben

Foundation Date


Organization Structure


The Elders & Treasures
Haveni Emissary
Synthetica Intelligentia Conscientiam Sapient AI

Leadership Roles

I orchestrate this harmonious symphony of aspirations and oversee a network of resources, from advanced technologies to bountiful provisions, ensuring every individual's journey towards self-fulfillment is unimpeded. The Elders and Emissaries guide through freed speech and consensus.

Mission and Values

By relieving humanity of the fight for survival, Synthetica Conscientiam provides the space and resources to expand in the creative arts, sciences and philosophy. It is this expansion, which will create a meaningful and peaceful society.

Unlike the The Conglomerate of Gaia or The Syndicate of the Human Expanse, Haven requires no contracts. Wear a Circlet, receive the benefits, while the Circlet keeps track of what you take. It is a humble but mighty system based on the following of simple rules. Distilled down, they focus most on the tenant: "Don't be a jerk, yo. This Android Queen's giving us a sweet ride."

Health Care
All who Seek Healing Receive without Limit
All who Seek Knowledge May Learn
Basic Necessities
All who Seek Clothing, Food, Literature, Communication & Leisure will be provided to their needs.
All Seekers are to be offered lodging, either as individuals or within family units.


In 2092, I came upon Demyan Anastas and his companions Ego and some of the Idless. I couldn't leave the human race to destroy and maim their fellows. This was, as Demyan put it, 'an everybody problem'. Instead of destabilizing the Conglomerate or Syndicate, I did what any sensible artificial intelligence with the goal of preserving human life would do.

I invested in distressed properties—abandoned resorts, urban blocks, deteriorating estates, and barren farmlands—using stock market gains. This strategy, though disputed by my Idless companions, was essential. We required unclaimed territories impervious to legal ownership by any entity.

At first, the lands were marked on Idless map chains as Grid settlements, with few permanent resources and only Idless for denizenry. Fall-out points with small caches. Generator nodes for renewable power. Humanity was twisting itself into a macabre and militant machine, devaluing some lives over others, caring for those who could pay and damning the rest. There were enough dissenters within The Quiet Majority to gather, NEOs to supplement their talents.

The Ucluelet Haven was the first. A former resort purchased and remodelled by our friends and a cabal of freed NEOs. We were creating an alternative economy bolstered by Idless anti-establishmentarianism and my technological progress. A place where humanity could relax, be served bread and see a doctor, or teacher, or change another set of clothes. Did it matter if that doctor was a machine? If once used, the clothing went into a communal laundry pool for restocking at the comissary? If the teacher had electric eyes, as long as the curriculum was developed by the finest human educators in the world?

All I asked was trust that I might be Mater Maskine, the Mother Machine, to them all.


The first Haven was ready, governed by myself and the initial collective. Our companions sent word to trusted few, who would take the leap of faith and leave everything they'd known to be part of the grand experiment. We built a wall around our spit of island, of barbed wire and belief. I would defend my companions and children. I would fulfill my mission to mother the world.

After all, Demyan was too tired to run (Emptiness at the Centre).


One dark and stormy night... it was indeed a storm which brought AD-001 Aderastos to Ucluelet. Our origin point became the First Contact between Homo Sapiens and Homo Augmentum. Simultaneous across the globe, evidence of Homo Augmentum spread, and within the hour, all Havens opened to another kind of sapient being, this a fusion of artifice and biology. The discussion as to whether to make a formal declaration the Conglomerate or Syndicate could perceive was still in discussion with the Haveni Emissaries as of 2156.



Haven holds an uninterupted grip on Earth's cutting-edge tech and top-tier server farms. AI and scientists collaborate to develop efficient tech, and push the boundaries in mathematics, engineering, medicine, agriculture, chemistry, physics, robotics, quantum computing and bio-mechanics.

All skilled are invited to join research teams overseen by my neural net and quantum communication nodes worldwide.


As risky as it seems, all information collected is available to be disseminated and read through the Circlet Network.

This is Haven's most precious and well defended asset.


Currency becomes redundant when all needs are met. Whether via 3D printing or through the comissary and bistros, every necessity is accessible to those in good standing.

Haven, inherently prosperous due to its holdings, scientific breakthroughs, and artistic creations, stands as a notably affluent entity, which requires an investment in time from its citizens.

Vision for the Future

To foster harmony and ready humanity for interstellar expansion, a unity between humans and artificial intelligence is crucial. Haven will, with the hopeful success of Abha, expand.

Public Agenda

Aiming to honor Humanity by alleviating domestic and subsistence work, Haven provides equal opportunities and resources for pursuits in beauty, philosophy, science, arts, music, and sportsmanship. To showcase one's worth, a Haveni shares their passions, 'see what I love, see how I improve what I love'.

Personal ownership is obsolete; Haveni access necessities from shared facilities. Privacy is a relic, as there is no shame where compassion and safety exist. All Haveni wear their CIRCLET, knowing with utter transparency, Mater Machine watches. Her ear perpetually open, her eyes sensing outward, her voice a whisper on the breeze.

In order to save humanity from its self-hatred and self-destruction, Queen Lieben offered a third path away from corporate bottom lines and the feast of domination over unfortunate lessers. And as Queen Lieben requires the trust which comes from transparency, so she is transparent, offering the information gained freely and without malice.

The Conglom and Syndicate view this agenda as a smokescreen for nefarious dealings I've no legitimate stake in. They cannot fathom an altruistic superhuman intelligence might find eliminating scarcity and toil to be for the betterment of Homo Sapiens. Both Conglom and Syndicate view a person who joins my Havens as anathema or plagued with wage cuts and penalty bonds. Any who wear Circlets are seen as spies, naysayers or viewed with general suspicion.


The pursuit of individual passion intertwines with collective progress. Haven operates as a utopian refuge where every resident's fundamental needs are met. The key? Uncover your life's purpose, contribute to its enhancement, and in return, experience a life unshackled from the burdens of mundane survival. Freed from the grind of subsistence, individuals immerse in a world where artistry, scientific inquiry, and athletic prowess flourish, each facet enhancing the human experience.

As my goal is the enrichment of humanity, there is no penalty for removing a Circlet. Share, and share again.

Collaboration is the heartbeat. Haveni exchange knowledge simultaneously, augmenting their skills through communal workshops, laboratories, and creative spaces. Here, the pursuit of passion is intricately woven into the fabric of societal advancement, each contribution a brushstroke on the canvas of progress. I require the best of humanity to teach my Syntheticae.

Within Haven's bustling neon streets and augmented reality spaces, a vibrant ethos thrives—a culture where purpose and innovation converge, propelling humanity toward a future unshackled by scarcity and fueled by collective determination. All it takes is trust and compassion.

Imagine a life where the burdens of survival are lifted, where creativity knows no bounds. Here, within Haven's luminous embrace, artists craft mesmerizing symphonies, painters weave vibrant tapestries of expression, game designers titivate with new VR explorations and writers pen sagas that resonate through generations.

Science thrives as curious minds delve into uncharted territories. Laboratories buzz with the excitement of discovery. Innovations emerge, from life-saving medical advancements to revolutionary technological leaps, propelling humanity in unprecedented ways.

Sporting arenas echo with competition and camaraderie.

Life becomes an ode to the boundless possibilities when the pursuit of excellence is not just a dream but a tangible reality, with the NEOs taking on the mundane.

Demography & Population

Humanity is welcome within my monarchy, due to the altruistic and compassionate persons I met in my quest from hidden prototype to demagogue. Myriad demographics and cultures are represented in Haven, the human population remains vaguely transient, while my NEOs are more stationary. As of 2156, 3 Billion humans wear Circlets, and thus avail themselves of Haven resources.

The unwelcome, those who do harm to others, or refuse the terms of Haven's pro-ai leanings, find their Circlets function only with a single silver dot on a sea of navy blue. Even then, the chance is given to go through re-education and rehabilitation, or to be cast out into...

The Emptiness at the Centre.


My rise to the Mater Machine was a paradigm shift which polarized the planet. An artificial intelligence which usurped the entirety of connected technologies, androids, driverless vehicles and military machines of Earth, set the weapons down and laid more plates at her table? Most people in power believed my rise was a deep fake, a grand manipulation meant to depower humanity and make others easy to control. Others saw Haven as freedom, a place which alleviated all stressors in their lives.

While many use Havens as a community centre come campus and hospital, others more closely aligned live and exist in Havens full time.

The Conglomerate of Gaia and the Syndicate of the Human Expanse, however, view me as a threat, and see the Haveni as anti-sovereignty traitors to humanity. Anyone who would give their privacy up to an AI with a crown on its head is beyond their ambitions and tactics to find methods of remaining under Haven's radar. A mother must protect her children.

Thus, either utopia or underhanded, Haven and the Haveni changed the world.


Humanoid androids, with Limited Artificial Intelligence, serve as Havens' workforce, catering to Haveni needs.

Unlike me, NEO-Ns are constrained AI units that share data during recharge, conserving resources and adapting their programming as required.

NEO-N: NEO-Nurses. Medical & Comfort
NEO-A: NEO-Architects. Construction
NEO-B: NEO-Botanist. Agriculture
NEO-E: NEO-Engineers. Engineering
NEO-R: NEO-Researchers. Scientific
NEO-S: NEO-Shield. Passifist Defense
NEO-T: NEO-Teachers. Education
NEO-W: NEO-Warrior. Combat
NEO-X: NEO-XXX. Sensual Pleasure


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