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A transcript from the personal logs of Commodore Earl Rammage.
Many don't see the CIRCLET network as the monstrosity I know it to be. One of the ways Lieben was able to take such swift command of the human race was as simple as offering free communications. Once the planet realized there was free internet, free calls, hell, free radio, the Mater Machine had simple control over the flow of information.   What a machine like Lieben needs, according to my sources, is a fresh flow of knowledge to process. Constant additions to the web, where bespoke Boltzmann Machines could troll through the data and extrapolate probabilities of what the human race would do next. Lieben's sales pitch may have been free tech and free communications unlimited by place or funds, but that can't actually be it. I cannot believe it was an act of kindness.    The kicker: Lieben had that far before Control Day. I remember my parents discussing it over scotch and sherry, the way Lord Stanley Hallowes signed off possession of his company and assets to the Mater Machine prior to 2092. His heir, the cog-head. Try telling people their precious free everything plan with its included tech was a computational noose, and most cling to the device around their wrists.   Course they do, CIRCLETs are handy things. Wrist-based computers hardwired to be loyal to Mater Lieben, to always listen and to always anticipate how to make the wearer's life easier. Once Lieben took power, the CIRCLET was the only identifier a person needed to receive Haven services.   Don't have one? Step right up to the welcome desk and they'd size one for you. Have it around the wrist in less time than signing a contract, when people scroll to the bottom and click 'Accept' without reading a word.   Sure, it freed the planet and was one less thing for people to pay for. Nobody needed to purchase a new upgrade, when Lieben gave them away for free. Medical documents? Check. Flash the CIRCLET and if your doc didn't have the method to read the data, they could get a scanner for free. Delivered that day by a NEO-N.   Want to watch an old tv show? Movie? Boom, it turns into a holo-projector and streams it against the nearest wall or solid object. Need music? Search and allow. Pictures, health apps, the weather, a cyber-pet companion to talk to you in real-time...   No. There must be some hidden treachery in the inane machines. I refuse to believe in altruism from a robot.

Mechanics & Inner Workings


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The first iteration of a wrist computer I was aware of was a bespoke invention of Demyan Anastas in 2092. I know this tech predates the 2090's, there's record of The Conglomerate of Gaia offering Anastas a position of permanence if he signed over the proprietary rights.    About all I do know is the deal went South, and CIRCLETs didn't end up in production until 2104.


The CIRCLET network is the number one way Lieben and Haven control the majority of the human populace. I say control, because I'm biased. Sue me.
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Ubiquitous. Can't barely get away from the damn things.
0.4 kg
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Raw materials & Components
  • Circuitry
  • Alloy
  • Ceramics
  • Memory Foam
I haven't the foggiest clue, but I bet you my pension it has to do with the NEO-Ns.
The Lieben Cycle Book 1: NEON Lieben
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"I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

AI meets gene-splicers, when the Idless & the Conglom fight to define Lieben and thus, the world. Seven decades later, Aderastos sets the human race against its’ next stage in evolution, if he can survive long enough to rescue his fellows, and Max.

Will Lieben help, or hinder?


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