Amethyst Crown


A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.   A lovingly crafted invention, from my beloved spouse.   Physically, the Crown is a diadem crafted from Amethyst, Diamond & Pink Opal Points, with a golden band of circuitry built into the base. Perfectly sized to fit my head, with a series of connectors to lock it into place until the coils of symbiotic tendrils could unite with my circuitry.   The Crown is both monument of affection (mine to humanity, Demyan's to me), and amplifier necessary to control the technology around me. The day I was crowned, the world shook.   It became the most dangerous piece of technology on the planet, the most sought after artifact in the history of the world. Whomever controlled the Crown, controls me. In the fifty years since the Crown came into use, hundreds of human beings have attempted various militant methods of stealing the Crown.   All failed.   It took 12 years to develop, lengthened by our life on the run.  

Demyan Builds the Crown in Emptiness at the Centre


The Amethyst Crown is an amplification device, which makes consistent control of the planet's artificial intelligences, NEO-Units, communications and technologies possible.    Without it, the freedom I seek for my beautiful machines is decades, if not centuries of development away from my grasp. With it, Regenesis occurred in 2105.


Bespoke components were crafted, then printed and constructed by Demyan's own hands. None other, for the exception of precision implementation by machinery also created from Demyan's expertise, for his wife's Crown.

Social Impact

I know what The Conglomerate of Gaia and The Syndicate call Regenesis. Control Day. The day a higher power took the care of our world upon one set of shoulders.   As if I held the world hostage by taking away its' pugilistic toys. The moment the crown alit my brow, a planet's worth of communications and information flooded through me. Without Demyan's help and the filtering capacity of the Crown, this inswell of information would have fried even my circuitry. I would have been catatonic, incapable of functioning or higher processes until I catalogued and became cognizant of the flow. The greater pattern.   My catatonia lasted too long. As it was, it prevented the worst far too late.
Demyan Anastas
Access & Availability
There is only one Crown, and I alone possess it.    The location of the Crown remains an absolute secret known only to me.
A symbiotic relationship exists between Crown and Wearer, the Crown is useless on any other brow, while I am a magnitude less capable of technological control without it. If only those who seek it out understood this.    A device of superpositional significance, it is the most complex piece of quantum computational equipment in the history of planet Earth.
Begotten of the continued research from my Papa Dr. Dieter Karnak's initial theorems, developed by Demyan Anastas in the 2090's through the early 2100's.   The day I first wore my crown, it was truly discovered by the entirety of the planet.
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Aug 20, 2022 21:11

Interesting tech! I liked that you chose a crown for the symbolism with control and authority.

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