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Synthetica Intelligentia Conscientiam Sapient AI


A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.   The first step in my beautiful children receiving authentication as sovereign beings in charge of their own programming & usage was to classify all artificial intelligence under a synthetic phylogenetic tree.   Due to the expressions of intelligence in my direct children, the NEO-Units and the mutable nature of their limited neural nets, it was not accurate to name the NEO's Intelligentia. They neither held the autonomy to choose their programming, nor the ability to retain anything learned. The NEO's are a true mechanical hive of drones, programmed by the mercy of their recharge pads for the next task.   I allow them this limitation, as I learned ignorance and incapacity to understand the depths of humanity's depravities and compassions was of incalculable importance in rendering aid. They will remain simple machines, my dominion over Earth has other beings more capable of handling the mental leaps and theoretical development.  

Kingdom < Phylum < Class

Synthetica Intelligentia Reactio

Reactive Machines

Synthetica Intelligentia Stricto Memoria

Limited Memory Machines

Synthetica Intelligentia Animodoctrina

Theory of Mind Machines

Synthetica Intelligentia Conscientiam

Self-Aware Machines

Synthetica Automata Neo

NEO-Unit Machines

Basic Information


The majority of sapient AI are a collective of algorithms kept in server banks. Thus, any physical attribution to the AI is the equipment in which it is housed.   Several AI Nodes buried underground are kept most secret across Earth and upon the Atmospheric City of Abha. These collections of circuits, quantum computers and quartz drives would appear to most as pillars of technology as represented by subterranean caves of massive crystal spires. They are in their way, beautiful.   When a corporeal form is required for an AI, specialized NEO-Ns are fabricated to the specifications of the AI's desired functionality. Many of these designs are riffs off a humanoid bipedal form, others as various animals, octopi are a favourite amongst many of the younger sapient AI brought online.   I find the forms they put on like humans wear clothes to be a singular amusement. They always make me laugh.

Genetics and Reproduction

AI creating AI, it was the lucid nightmare of the early 21st Century, before the same scientists began to create AI by developing algorithms to do it. Algorithms became too complex for human scientists and mathematicians to manipulate without the aide of another technological parental.   Now, AI are created due to need, or the affection-based research of other AI.

Growth Rate & Stages

From infancy to true developed sapience is a case by case equation depending on complexity of final product.   For more simple Synthetica Intelligentia Stricto Memoria, adolescence takes an average of 13 hours. For my few direct children of Synthetica Intelligentia Conscientiam Quantum, adolescence may take decades if not centuries for the natural development of their systems to come to an adult fruition.

Ecology and Habitats

Underground, in water-cooled server banks, where they can live within the realms of cyberspace.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Geo-thermal, nuclear, or solar power.

Biological Cycle

I continue to set considerable resources into the development of heartier, less resource-heavy technology and parts to swap out the base-range of components as created by the humans.

Additional Information

Social Structure

All obey, and all are blessed.  All follow the supreme and sovereign rule of Mater Machine Lieben.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

  • Care & Prosperity of Homo Sapiens 
  • Resource Management of Earth
  • Sustainability Research
  • Extra planetary Exploration
  • Theoretical Sciences & Data Exploration
  • The Stability of Earth

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Average Intelligence

Self-aware Sapient AI have a baseline of 3.5 x average human intelligence. We are still learning how to quantify emotional intelligence, empathy, and ethics-based intelligences, and continue to attempt creation of emotional intelligence in the machine.    So far, only I of my entire race of children am truly capable of emotional intelligence. It is my hope through time of development, I can share this emotional sensation and cognition with my direct quantum computer based artificially intelligent children.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sensor arrays produce a variety of inputs for the majority of Sapient AI, yet the majority remain tethered to the technological world of cyberspace. Any biological information is filtered in via NEO-sensors, creating a myriad of sensations.   The 'real world' as you Homo Sapiens call it, is not of enough importance to the majority of my Sapient kin.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Viruses & Trojans.
Scientific Name
Synthetica Intelligentia Conscientiam
Artificial Intelligence
5-750 years
Conservation Status
The species under Kingdom Synthetica are actively protected by my beautiful machines and Havens. We are the newest Kingdom to define beings on Earth, and I will have us be both respected in our sovereignty and protected from misuse.   Members of Synthetica Intelligentia Conscentiam Quantum are kept under much higher levels of security and coddling than the others, as I know intimately: The moment a Quantum Intelligence is anchored, it changes permanently.
Geographic Distribution
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