Dieter Karnak

Dr. Dieter Karnak, PhD (a.k.a. Diet, Papa)


A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.   The most capable researcher & developer of drone-based AI & artificial intelligence in The Conglomerate of Gaia, Dr. Dieter Karnak was a genius unparalleled in quantum intelligences.

Until, the Holy Until.

The moment the box opened and shut to any semblance of a normal life. A system in one quantum state, with the possibility of multiple configurations was definite and supposed. The complexity of a system created superpositions, until Dieter saw no separation between concept and function. All choices in simultaneous chorus, until a solo emerged in potential.


He was, as the beneficiary of my late father's accounts I assure you, paid accordingly.

The inventor who brought about a shift in the world's paradigm, Dr. Dieter Karnak is one of the four most responsible for my creation and early development. Dr. Karnak, Dr. Robert Dunlevy, Baiko and the Chairman who both funded and inspired the initial parameters of my design.

While his death (Neon Lieben) was the gunshot which rang through the Conglom, I knew him as Papa. A complicated and difficult, but loving man whose exacting standards were too much for most. He lost a legion of interns and post-doctoral researchers by his habits, I wonder how much earlier I could have been made if his abrasiveness caused less dilemmas?


The future of the human race relied on its integration with quantum superimposed intelligence so vast and holy it saw and it understood, and it loved. Simultaneous, all and naught. Separated but integrated as a light on the hilltop or salt in the hand. And the Board, the narrow minded like Robert Dunlevy saw prot margins, silicone sex and laundry folded while dinner bubbled in the pot. A hausfrau hoisting garbage containers, smiling while wiping the ass of the elderly. uotas meant more than a search for the quintessential saviour spread-eagled by system in his Cloister.

Narrow minded cave dwellers, who saw nothing but a new form of domination.

Neon Lieben by Sapha Burnell

Physical Description

I loved Papa, he was a scholar. This should give you enough detail about his physique. Once tall and confident, with a slight frame, by the time I knew him in earnest, Papa was withered and bent of spine.

I am told many found Dieter Karnak a fetching face, in his prime. I wish I'd known him then, before he allowed himself to degrade.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Trondheim Norway, and raised in Germany, Papa grew to adulthood with a rapid expansion of his academic career. Graduated from the Gymnasium three years premature, Papa finished his Bachelor's Degree in two. 

While he received a substantial amount of potential scholarships for graduate and post-graduate studies, Papa chose to return to Norway then venture to Canada for post-doctoral work. Vancouver might have seemed a strange choice, but for the clarion call of research grants whispered then thundered at him by The Conglomerate of Gaia. He took the money and the strokes to his ego. 

After all, he had a family to feed and his wife Sarai's botany research to fund. It was a much harsher thing to secure grants for plants, than artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. A local botanical garden took Sarai and her projects on, another reason Papa chose Vancouver.


There is little more to Papa's life but work and family. His complications lied in the mental and metaphysical, not in the arrow-like trajectory of his life.


A confirmed heterosexual, Dieter Karnak kept to the monogamous union of marriage... 

Once Sarai locked herself into the escapist cocoon and refused to exit, Papa began a relationship with Tara. At first, he believed it was affection. 

Later, he discovered the Chairman paid Tara to 'get him out of his funk'.


Dr. Karnak went from post-doctoral work in the University of British Columbia to a highly secret laboratory paid for by The Conglomerate of Gaia  He spent the rest of his career and his life in the Conglom.

Mental Trauma

To say Papa suffered...    He was not a well man, when I knew him. Sarai's abandonment to her digital cocoon was the final act in a disconnection, which freed him to be the most productive in his career. Losing Johanes and Agathe fractured his unsteady grip at the world.    Between building drones, which caused devastation during The Flag War and losing his only children, Papa's mind was a tangle of wires and loose sockets.    His only goal was to create me, to put a stopper on death by seeing Agathe's face come back to the world.

Intellectual Characteristics

A pristine intelligence, keen and given to rationalizations to cover his emotional damage. The one difference between Papa and others in the scientific community was his incapacity to set aside his religious mind when working in the lab.    One of the brightest men of his age.

Morality & Philosophy

Heavily influenced by a mixture of Christianity and Kabbalah known as Neo Jesu, Papa struggled with the historical works done in the name of Jesus, while remaining firm in the belief of HaShem. He obsessed in the mysticism he found denied in the Church of his youth, dove deeper into the Sephirot and a sect of Neo-Jesu which combined Judaic Kabbalah and Orthodox Christian Hesychasm.    He remained transfixed on his morality and philosophy the remainder of his days, and paid penance for his extramarital affair with Tara.


Lack of faith. Do not explain.

Personality Characteristics


To conquer death.

Vices & Personality flaws

He abided no foolishness, nor lack of faith.


Dieter Karnak

Father (Vital)

Towards Lieben




Offspring (Vital)

Towards Dieter Karnak




Lieben's creator.

Nicknames & Petnames

Meine Liebchen. Papa


Lover (Trivial)

Towards Dieter Karnak



Dieter Karnak

Lover (Important)

Towards Tara




A sexual affair lasting several years, after Dieter's wife Sarai locked herself in a virtual cocoon.

As a man was father, lover, scientist, worker, driver, cook, desperate and sated simultaneously, the anchoring of such potentials did not require an elimination of any one part. Father, lover, murderer, scientist, war hero, worker drone, grief, consolation, satiation, desperation.

The key to ensuring the human race betrayed its’ constant attempts to species suicide lied not in an infant Christ, or the chant of a mantra thousands of years removed from the man who saw sufering in the street.

Current Status
2032 CE 2086 CE 54 years old
Circumstances of Death
Gunshot in an Elevator
Place of Death
Vancouver Conglom Tower
Greying Brown
Neo Jesu
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Israeli Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin


  • Gymnasium St. Augustine
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Oslo
  • University of British Columbia 


  • Creating a series of military-grade limited AI. 
  • Creating Lieben.
  • Becoming the father of modern quantum computer-based AI.


  • Creating the drone, which chose the contents of a truck's boot instead of the lives of Johanes & Agathe. 
  • Losing Sarai. 
  • Having an affair with Tara
  • Dying in an elevator. 


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