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Freedom is the Only Absolute

2092: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machina Lieben.

Freedom is the ultimate aspiration & joy of society.

No form of ownership to any Nation, Entity, Company or Religion is worth the lack of freedom.

Nation-States are artificial dominations to be ignored.

Identification is a signal of ownership.

Deny all identification, labels, brands and debts.

The Idless Manifesto, The Emptiness at the Centre

A collective of anti-corpocratic anarchists, whose focus is on freedom as the pinnacle of human expression. This freedom includes a direct rejection of all identifying markers, labels and claims to nationality or creed.

In 2085, the Idless contacted Dr. Karnak & Baiko to rescue me, the Mater Machine Lieben from the Conglom's hands. I was naive and infantile when Ego's typed script first broke into Baiko's subconscious. A conversation repeated, theories bantered back and forth over secure connections I tipped my algorithmic flux into, for pure knowledge.

The way Baiko's breath caught, her heart rate and brain waves were altered, when conversing with Ego, Mog and Fester. Whispers out of my domain, the Idless would become a formation upon which I would linger, if Papa had his way.

He didn't, and it nigh damned us all (Neon Lieben).

The Idless Manifesto: 2063

  • Freedom is the ultimate goal of an equal and contented society.
  • Nation-States are artificial creations of domination. No form of ownership to any Nation, Ethnicity, Entity, Company or Religion is worth the lack of freedoms.
  • All who refuse freedom are Babylon.
  • Identification is a signal of ownership, and must be expunged.
  • Labels are forms of oppression & ownership within the microcosm. They lead to conflict, jealousy and fear. No personal or interpersonal label adds value to Idless life.
  • Deny all identification, labels, brands and debts.
  • Birth-names are externally attached labels, and must remain a fluid mechanism throughout the person’s life.
  • Marriage is a label, no person can own another, and children shall be cared for by the collective.
  • Gender too, is a label to be ignored.
  • The freedom to travel the globe, live where and when the spirit leads, in whichever method causes no harm, is the key.
  • Only through dissolution of identification & label can the key be created to unlock a pure and noble life.
  • Freedom demands no overuse of resources in one area. When resources or the flow of Babylon’s lives are disrupted, it is time to move.
  • All Idless ought to ply a form of beneficial trade or function for the collective.
  • Education is essential to enlighten one’s mind to make informed decisions & add to the collective.
  • If an item or foodstuff can be handmade, it must be.
  • Bespoke items have within them the essence of their creators, and thus are spiritual gifts to be respected.
  • There shall be no leader, who cannot be immediately replaced. Leadership creates inequality, and ought to be committed to by the collective.
  • Proper flowing communication is key to ensure Idless trade, resource & safety without reliance on Babylon.
  • The divine is to remain formless and individual, believed in as the practitioner sees fit, as long as it causes no harm.
  • Let one defend freedoms through force only when force is applied.
  • Challenge all doctrine to avoid orthodoxy.


The Idless are an anarchistic collective, where equality and the lack of labels is tantamount to religious freedom. Thus, as symbol of their lack of definitions, no Idless member has an identification card with any company, nation-state or organization. There are no true leaders in the Idless, but the community itself, and Grids can function in a multitude of ways.

Any member who attempts to take more of the organizational, logistical or leadership role upon themselves is ritually humbled by the collective, thus reducing the amount of inequality which could sink in, if the Idless Grids were not vigilant.


Nomadic and counter-cultural, the Idless handmake anything they can and live as much as possible without money or influence from 'Babylon' or the outside cultures. Every Idless chooses a name, one without attachment to family history, nationality or credo. Folk live within Idless Grids, and whomever has the ability to, will lead.

Public Agenda

To rid the world of Nations, borders, Corporate Control and bring the world back to a nomadic lifestyle, where equality is achieved by the lack of socio-economic layering. To hand-make anything which can be handmade and to reject labels, thus eliminating the necessity for corporate control and returning the planet to a simpler, more equalist landscape.


Originated from tiny home hipsters and cultural hermits, the Idless built themselves as the world became more and more stringent and travel harder. Banding together made travelling an increasingly hostile world easier, as did the collective of various forms of education.

Alternative Names

ID-Less; Ids



Founding Date



Mobile homes, equipment, foodstuffs & weapons handled in a communal way. Caches of supplies are placed for communal use in Grids, which function as way-stations and collective meeting points along the road.


Religion, by definition, is seen as a potential crutch of inequal society, and thus the Idless attempt to set superstitions and beliefs aside.

Judicial Body

The individual Idless, with help from a Grid, is responsible to enact justice, or issue a banishment to the guilty party.


It is the mission of every able bodied Idless to take care of their own safety, and the safety of others less capable. 

Thus, most Idless own some form of deterrent, firearm, or defence-based weapon. 

The majority of Idless use this inner calling to ensure their tiny home vehicles are consistently up-kept for escape, rather than battle. If a Grid can empty and the Idless hit the road safely, it is the preferred option.

Foreign Relations

Other than a few select merchants, farmers and medical professionals, the Idless have little to zero contact with what they consider 'Babylon' or, the outside Corpocratic & Nationalistic world. Idless prefer a non-violent escape approach to hardships, moving off from areas they are unwanted before the 'law' could be brought down on their heads.

This became less viable in the 2090's, when the Conglom used their influence on the nation-states left on Earth to pressure Idless away from nomadic lifestyles, or into less accommodating circumstances.

Demography and Population

In comparison to the Conglomerate or the majority population of planet Earth in the 2090's, the Idless have a much higher birth rate of 26.6 births per 1,000 population. Scattered around the planet there is no one firm location where more Idless exist, instead the collective naturally fragments and heads in different directions, when saturation density is reached.    By the 2150's... 

REDACTED. See: Emptiness at the Centre 


Grids are the closest to territories a group like the Idless, who believe in zero ownership, holds. While Grids usually occur on public lands, some are within the privately held land of Idless supporters, or bequeathments from Idless who used to own certain real estate and upon ID Lessening, give over ownership of all assets to the collective cooperative.

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