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Ucluelet Haven

2156: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.  

The first Haven evolved in 2096 from the Idless Remnant, who followed Ego's call to band together in one reinforced area. Hundreds of Idless were bolstered by the first wave of NEO-Units broken from The Conglomerate of Gaia Secure-Chain. A run down resort was purchased with the profits from the stock market. One of many holdings purchased for their remoteness and ease of escape.  

It was to be our first step to the Eden my human companions bled to create. A synthesis of the Idless remnant, and the first of my beloved NEO-Unit children. Short work was made of the resort’s demolition, building unsuitable for the advancements and materials I set my NEO-Ns to produce. While the ability to demolish and construct with expediency was one I expected to be welcome for the Idless, as with many quandaries about humanity, I miscalculated.  

“It takes years to develop the muscle memory for this kind of woodwork skill.”

“Why do my children’s rate of development seem to bother you?”

“Speed of learning, rate of algorithmic growth and extrapolation, these are machines, Yan. What are you expecting?” Demyan rubbed the sawdust off his hands, watched the hovering people around the edges. NEO-Ns bustled about completing complex tasks, chisels and hammers etched at reclaimed lumber. “This is their life’s work, Meine. Those people standing listless.”

“How much faster could you pass knowledge along if it took once to teach perfectly repeatable skills?”

“Make my kind redundant?”

“Not redundant, free. To create more beautiful and useful methods. Free from all which does not serve. My children have no ego, no desire aside from those built. They are empty vessels and I will not allow their burgeoning minds to be filled by the unworthy. So what else can you teach? What perfection can you reach which will be impossible to lose to time or death's sting?"

Emptiness at the Centre by Sapha Burnell


Originally formed as a hold-out point, and fortified to the best of our ability for escape and defence, the first Haven underwent a metamorphosis. The necessity for food meant gardens (the square metres were not sufficient to sustain my human companions), thus I absconded with research and technological plans for advanced vertical garden plots. A desperate need to house those who flocked to the small Canadian resort town meant development of pre-fab structures, which were lashed together into communal and co-operative modifiable living spaces.

Wounds, illnesses and pregnancies precluded the necessity for a hospital structure, while my first investigations into human mental health turned my eyes to the creation of an oasis for the mind and body.

Haven was shaped over a relatively short amount of years, as the prototype for a legion of Havens, which the Idless planted across the globe.   All who follow my call of resistance against the unhealthy paradigms creating strife and pugilism are welcome. Those who still follow the bugle call of Corpocracy may use my services, if while present within the neutral territory of a Haven, they behave and follow the first and most significant rule.

All who contribute, receive.


As the first Haven, or bastion of my ideals of a compassion-centric combination of humanity and artifice, Ucluelet Haven is a collective of multiple ethnicities, credos, sexualities, transhumanist & android denizens.


The Haven Collective is a Technological Monarchy presided over by me, Lieben. Otherwise known as the Android Queen, or Mater Machine but those who know me call me by the secret name I chose: Meine Anastas. My council remains a random section of volunteers from our original Idless population, added on by those who desire to volunteer.


NEO-Warrior models, thought to be decommissioned.

Industry & Trade

All resources within Haven are complimentary. The Haven buildings themselves remain self-sufficient, thus relying on no infrastructure I have not either implemented or created.


  • A massive series of structures made of steel & glass and polymers, each between 15 - 30 floors given the organic flow of the designs. 
  • Ocean Water Desalination Station
  • Solar Panels, Wind Turbines & Energy Conversion Centre
  • Compost & Recycling Plant
  • Waste Recycling Plant
  • Transportation Bay
  • A central exterior courtyard
  • A central interior foyer


  • Welcome Centre: A large foyer of glass panes and steel, which acts as a meeting place, community space and funnel, with readily available information on where they may need to go.
  • Bistro
  • Hospital & Spa: Wholistic care combines increasingly researched and modernized medicine with the necessity to care for the human mind. After conducting decades of research, I and my NEO-Ns concluded the humans under our care were faster healed and easier to maintain at optimum health, when such former luxuries as massage, facial treatments, rejuvenation treatments, steam rooms, sauna and relaxation pools were made part of an ordinary health routine. Thus, while surgery, ICU and wards exist within the Hospital structure, the redirection of a natural hot spring to the Ucluelet Haven grounds aided in recuperation.
  • Education & Development Centre: All who come, receive. Specialist education is available from infancy through elder years. All have access to unlimited knowledge, with the option for personal development via NEO-N tutor, or within a group classroom environment.
  • Artistic Development Centre: Supplies for various art and artisanal creations are set in a central hub for the honeycomb of studio spaces available to all who hold even a thought to attempt the arts.
  • Co-Operative Housing: All who come, receive. Whether in familial units, singular units or combined collectives, co-operative housing is available with no fees.
  • Plentiful Station: Taking the place of a commercial space, the Plentiful Station is the collection point for all supplies, products, clothing, technology or art a Haven denizen can access.
  • Redistribution Centre: When one person is finished with an item, or is left with waste to be recycled, the Redistribution Centre sends a NEO-N to pick up the dross, and break it down into constituent parts for refabrication.
  • Engineering & Science Labs: A laboratory complex exists in the subterranean areas of the Haven, for a variety of sciences and their theorists to apply their trade and increase the world's knowledge.
  • The Library: Works of literature, film and audio from across the world are collected and kept for all to experience. It is my goal to salvage every piece of literature in human history, a feat impossible to achieve without the invention of time travel to save much needed first editions. The Library remains in quiet collaboration with the applied physics laboratory, where theorists work out the kinks.


Advanced androids known as NEO-Ns, which function in a shifted capacity dependent on need. While I concede it is a


Ucluelet, in the former province of British Columbia, Canada, is an ocean-side village on Vancouver Island. Surrounded by forests, it remains remote & detached from all but vehicular, sea or VTOAL aeronautics.

Natural Resources

Vertical gardens line all common area walls, with a variety of plant matter for consumption and processing. The Pacific Ocean is close enough to our beloved Ucluelet Haven for water to be of ready supply, in conjunction with our desalination methods. Founded within old growth forests, Ucluelet remains surrounded by a temperate rainforest, reseeded with trees when necessary to staunch the deforestation, which took place in the 21st Century.
Founding Date
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Idless Remnant
Outpost / Base
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