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The Quiet Majority

2156: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben.
This is a eulogy for the Quiet Majority, a group of Homo Sapiens, attached by culture and the urge to keep their heads level, leaning to the ground. These people lived their lives in hopes of a calm and smooth existence, neither rushing too high, nor swimming too low.   They kept their opinions to themselves, their heads down, noses to the proverbial grindstone. While consumed by various demographics, creeds and expressions of gender & sexuality, the common thread in The Quiet Majority was the idea that by following society's cues, contributing to the whole, using their vote and bringing little attention to themselves, they would survive with enough left over for a comfortable life.   While they made little noise, their contribution as the largest piece of the populace made society function as long as it did. Quiet mundanity usurped the sparks of rebellion they felt in youth, testing boundaries until life wore them down or they discovered a comfortable enough place. None of them needed the world, or to feel the thrill and worries of leadership.   When the pressure of their times creaked too hard onto their backs, the collective weight of their convictions were enough to turn the tides of elections, until those too were bought.   The Silent Majority, then the Quiet Majority, lost their comforts in the end. Displaced, split, broken apart by forced acceptance of The Conglomerate of Gaia or The Syndicate of the Human Expanse or Haven after Regenesis in 2105.      We owe them our lives.   They whispered theirs.   I promise I shall continue their example, and whisper, until every person on Earth picks a side.

Beauty Ideals

Natural beauty consumed the Quiet Majority, favouring 'pre-existing' hair colours, less pronounced cosmetics and the 'girl next door' or 'local boy' look. Bastion of the median line, the Quiet Majority included most people, whether aspirational of beauty or naturally gifted. Their height, weight, appearance were dictated by cultural norms.

Courtship Ideals

Dating apps, fumbled blind dates, chance happenings at parties. Courtship consisted of dates, texting, glances across the kitchen table, when they brought their partners to familial places. Talk of vehicles, aspirations on comfortable lives and career fulfillment conjoined with the domesticity of modern life. The best they can expect is comfort, a feeling of hygge and easy conversations. Most likely children, to begin the cycle again.

Relationship Ideals

Marriage, most likely children (adopted or born), a comfortable domicile & vacation once a year.


Coming of Age Rites

Th eventual de-homing of children as they become adults, so they can start the cycle all over again.

We owe them our lives

They whispered theirs

Customary Codes & Shared Values

  • Don't make waves
  • Society will protect us
  • Government & Industry are there to benefit us
  • Keep level, vote & be visible in community events
  • Work hard, but not too hard
  • Relax on the weekend

Common Etiquette

  • Be polite
  • Bring a bottle of wine (usually inexpensive blend) to dinner parties
  • Polite greeting to neighbours they don't actually know much about


Feminine names


Masculine names


Unisex names

Myriad, usually forms of Jayden, Jordan, Brian(a) or Wren.

Family names

The Quiet Majority can include any cultural heritage, as it's more a decision not to make waves. A decision to keep with the middle of the herd instead of the outliers.


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