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Homo Augmentum

2156: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the recollections of the Mater Machine Lieben .

Genetically engineered from a variety of flora and fauna, Homo Augmentum came into being during scientific research conducted in the 2110's through the 2150's. Success came slow, failures drowned the project to the bottom decks of the CGM Ithavoll and doubt began to slink into the scientists and Conglomerate Board.

The advent of AD-001 Aderastos salvaged the project. The new race, what the scientists dubbed Conglomerate Bio Machs attained momentum with their first twelve members. Each fostered by what little epigenetic controls the Conglom could predict. As if my beloved Homo Augmentum were puppies in a show.

To the humans who 'invented' them, my beauties are biological machines, tinker toy soldiers created to serve and die as weapons. To those like Max Allard, Homo Augmentum are people. To me, the members of Homo Augmentum are the pinnacle of the human race.

Characterized by increased size and stature, with thinner, more plentiful muscle fibres donating proportionally greater strength than a Homo Sapiens, Augmentum are distinct from their predecessors. Each of these extraordinary wonders have the ability to withstand the planet's harshest environments and in future, the expanse of extra-planetary travel. Yet, my designs are not their reality.

Not yet, I am a patient Queen. Not yet, my beauties.

Basic Information


The corresponding rise in average height and mass, make Augmentum appear as 'giants' to their parent species. I prefer 'gods', but as I am consistently reminded, although my original neural net was built to preserve and love humanity, my preferences are not humanocentric.

Biological Traits

  • Gender selection at time of maturity
  • Growth Cycle: Neonate to Adult in 3 years
  • Life expectancy theorized to be as Rykstra states in multiple reports 'until something bloody kills them'
  • Superhuman sensory capacity
  • Superior fast-twitch muscular response, thus creating faster reactions
  • Elimination of initial sterility

Dietary Needs and Habits

While initially given vitamin and mineral drips, after the events of 2155 (Neon Lieben), the Assets enjoy much the same diet as Homo Sapiens with a concentration on puff rice squares, fresh vegetables and often synthesized proteins. Technically capable hunters, Augmentum at the moment are sequestered aboard the CGM Ithavoll and incapable of foraging or hunting.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Homo Augmentum appear to follow a predominantly age-based command structure. As the primogenitor, their natural leader is AD-001 Aderastos, followed by the duo of KT-002 Kate and CL-003 Clive. This system of authority appears to be instinctual. In the most curious happenstance, Aderastos appears to defer to the judgement of Max Allard, the rest followed.

As with most of Homo Augmentum, the reason for behaviours remains mysterious.


Guided neural pathways predisposed Homo Augmentum to patterned behaviour prior to their release from the artificial womb and maturation tank. This was to make them pliable and easily led.

Further research necessary to decipher what went 'wrong'.

Uses & Exploitation

All current members of Homo Augmentum are the 'property' of the Conglom, and used as Biological Machine Weapons in their campaigns. While I do not approve, until they ask for my aid, I will do nothing.

I can't help you unless you ask it of me, Aderastos. Please. Ask.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The entire species resides aboard the CGM Ithavoll as of 2156.

Average Intelligence

While intellect varies depending on which of the 'Assets' one looks at, from Kate's level of genius to Wulf's animalistic instincts, the baseline for Augmentum intellect includes complex problem solving, cognition, and true sapience. 

Regardless of what the Conglomerate scientists initially attempted to implant into their designs. This, my casual researcher, is the difference between absolute genetic engineering and epigenetics.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All Assets appear to exhibit heightened visual, olfactory & tactile senses. Members of the sub-group known as "The Pack" seem to be capable of a shared empathy, if not some form of minor pseudo-telepathy within their experimental grouping.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The Asset known as KT-002 Kate appears to be the only Augmentum who suffers from a symbiotic and some might say parasitic relationship with my CIRCLET network.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

At first glance, the Assets' self-identifications appeared chaotic. Off. Where did a biological machine learn of the name 'Clive' anyway? Why would a metamorphic dragon answer to 'Rachel'? 

Names from various traditions of human culture floated to the minds of the newly awakened Assets. Clive, Kate, Arun, Cillian, Percival, Rachel... Odd and strange nomenclature too. Aderastos, Ka. 

How the entirety of Homo Augmentum came across these names remains a mystery to the scientists within the Conglomerate's Asset Project. I wait, hand poised to cover dainty silicone lips at the sly smirk when they finally recognize exactly whom they keep in their bower.

Gender Ideals

Gender is a choice given to each of the initial members of Homo Augmentum by AD-001 Aderastos upon his return from Ucluelet Haven. Thus, all gender representations are definably fluid, as due to Aderastos' medical manipulations, gender transition is a painless and rapid process.

Courtship Ideals

As of 2156, the only romantic connection within the species appeared to be Aderastos and Kate. Courtship remained on the softer, more doting side in comparison to visceral Homo Sapiens normative behaviour.

Like he was afraid of breaking her, like she was afraid he'd fade from her fingertips.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The members dubbed The Pack tend to favour guttural grunts and a theorized collective pseudo-telepathy.

KT-002 Kate is totally non-verbal, yet appears to speak through technology such as radio, television and holographic projection. 

AD-001 Aderastos remains vastly non-verbal, but for orders or slim pieces of direct conversation. More research is required to unearth precisely how communicative Homo Augmentum are both with members of their own species, and with Homo Sapiens.

Common Dress Code

Military Jumpsuits and various items of infantry-aligned gear.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Augmentum
Hominidae, Dromaeosauridae, Canidae, other
Conservation Status
There are twelve known members of Homo Augmentum. They remain under the protection of The Conglomerate of Gaia.
Average Height
Average Weight
125 kg
Average Physique

Lithe and muscular to a fault, the Assets were originally created to maintain a peak physical form. Their entire form is a weaponized deterrent, while simultaneously creating a false sense of humanity for ease of use in high population areas.

Homo Augmentum are not human, I protest with each fibre of my neural net. I did not seed the Conglomerate scientists with the knowledge to create my beloved Augmentum for them to be simple.

Facial Features & Characteristics

Vary, without standard beyond standard Homo Sapiens variation.

Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
Related Myths
Discovered by
Related Materials
Average Technological Level
Culture & Cultural Heritage
Customs, Traditions & Rituals
Myths & Legends


Common Taboos

Locking anyone in a cage or tight space.

Historical Figure

Aderastos. The Progenitor and Healer, who modified their genome post-maturity and gave them the mixture of humanity their original designers denied.


2156: Notable Members

Common Etiquette
  • Jumping someone of higher rank gets you hit or bit.
  • Don't disrespect someone of lower rank. 
  • Protect Trusted Fellows. With your lives.
  • Speak not Unless Necessary. 
  • Trust no outsider. 
Interspecies Relations
Homo Augmentum appear to be sceptical of outside species contact, aside from a few chosen Homo Sapiens to whom they attached: 
  • Max Allard
  • Adelia Fridley
  • Ivan Letopaxa
  • Javier Bestin
Major Organizations
Contained aboard the CGM Ithavoll, the entirety of the species is cocooned. Hopefully, this won't last long.
  • The Conglomerate of Gaia
  • Haven (I hope)
  • The Lieben Cycle Book 1: NEON Lieben
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    "I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

    AI meets gene-splicers, when the Idless & the Conglom fight to define Lieben and thus, the world. Seven decades later, Aderastos sets the human race against its’ next stage in evolution, if he can survive long enough to rescue his fellows, and Max.

    Will Lieben help, or hinder?

    The Lieben Cycle Book 2: Emptiness at the Centre
    Sequel to the Cyberpunk Bestseller
    "I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

    The walls are closing in on Aderastos and the Assets, in both 2092 and 2156. Will he rediscover their secrets in time to save his fellows, and rectify the chaos in Lieben's world?

    Back in 2092, the Conglom's search for Lieben and the Idless increases in tenacity. How did Lieben take the Chernobyl Throne?

    This article has no secrets.


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