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Glow Up with Cybernetic Augmentation

Baiko Kaho, the first nanofil enhanced human.
Power Source

Homo Sapiens with Nanofil have artificially heightened metabolisms to power their nanobots. Most nanofil operations increase caloric intake an insignificant amount. Depending on enhancement, the host might need calorically dense meals more often, or suffer acute hypoglycemia.

Nanofilaments (Nanofil) are a network of nanobots designed to augment and interface with the mammailan nervous system. Originally reverse engineered from Dr. Dieter Karnak's Compassion Jewel by Demyan Anastas and Lieben in the 2090's, by 2155 Nanofil are a stable and consistently researched technological augmentation developed and controlled by Haven.

Capable of amping up the nervous, musculoskeletal, lymph and cardiac systems, nanofil are free but restricted offers for Haveni who require medical intervention to reach 'baseline'.

Nanofilaments are a bridge between human and cybernetics, correcting and enhancing medical emergencies and chronic issues alike.

Initially created to pass information from Baiko to the artificial intelligence Lieben, Nanofil were a conduit for storing and transmitting encrypted data. Prior to 2092, AI researcher Demyan Anastas discovered Compassion was the source of the luminescent lines crawling under Baiko's skin, and theorized on the quantum entangled nature of the information's one-way trajectory. Once a transfer took place, Baiko seemed devoid of the stimulus memory. He analyzed samples via his bank of quantum computers, until her death.

On the run with Lieben in the mid-2090's, Demyan and Lieben devised a method of replication & reprogramming. Instead of transferring data in one direction, Nanofil could share information between multiple Nanofil nodes, heighten oxygen flow in the blood stream, bypass biometric locking mechanisms and integrate Demyan's holographic interface with ocular nerves. Lieben continued the research into the 2150's, first as a method of emergency medicine and later to repair chronic illness or injury.

Energy Comes From Somewhere... Nanofil are powered by the Host Body.


Neural Integration

Nanofilaments establish a symbiotic connection with the nervous system, enhancing neural transmission speed and efficiency. This integration allows for seamless interfacing with cybernetic implants and external systems, facilitating rapid data processing and access to augmented realities.

Regenerative Support

Nanofil possess regenerative capabilities, assisting in healing damaged nerve tissues and aiding in the recovery process for cybernetic enhancements or neural injuries. With further integration, Nanofil can help muscles fire more efficiently, and in the case of partial or total paralysis, aid the human in achieving baseline motion/function with proper physical therapy.

Those requiring neural regeneration can have the Nanofil reattach or bypass damaged pathways, returning mental function in cases of stroke, Alzheimers, dementia and brain damage.

Enhanced Sensory Perception

By modulating neural signals, Nanofil augment sensory perception, enabling individuals to perceive a broader range of electromagnetic frequencies or enhancing sensory input for improved awareness. This attaches humans with Nanofil to the Haven CIRCLET network with greater efficiency.

Data Storage and Transmission

Nanofilaments serve as conduits for storing and transmitting encrypted data, providing individuals with secure access to personal information or sensitive networks. Nanofil theorists surmise this includes non-verbal control over NEO's, depending on Haveni clearance.

Mog with Nanofil.
Restricted Access

A highly valuable material, the world's supply is kept by Lieben and distributed on a case-by-case basis. More extreme uses are limited to self-defence.

The most controlled material in the world, Haven holds a monopoly on Nanofil use.

Qualities and Abilities


Nanofilaments have resistance to extreme temperatures beyond human norm. They maintain stability within a range of -200°C to 700°C, ensuring functionality in various environmental conditions.

Common Found State

Nanofil are commonly found in a solid state. Integrational intensity causes colour drift from pastel to overtly saturated.

Compounds and Physical Properties

The molecular structure incorporates carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets, granting remarkable tensile strength, electrical conductivity, and light emission properties. Nanofil emit faint luminescence, with colours indicative of function and intensity of the cybernetic graft.

Density and Weight
Almost negligible density, contributing minimally to the overall weight of the individual, ensuring ease of movement and flexibility.

Nanofil boast an extended half-life of 50 years, offering long-term integration without significant degradation.


Ethicists argue constantly on Nanofil use in Humans. While no sensible person would deny the sufferer of chronic, palliative illnesses the chance to thrive and live a normal human lifespan, nor would the compassionate deny an amputee the ability to feel their cybernetically enhanced prosthetic, Nanofil use in the healthy, or for cybernetic integration purposes is seen as a Haveni specific phenomenon.

Nanofil usage is strictly forbidden in The Syndicate of the Human Expanse and The Conglomerate of Gaia, both for differing reasons.


For the Conglom, Nanofil is seen as spyware which, although useful, links the individual to the hive-mind Mater Machine Lieben created after Control Day/Regenesis. The symbiotic nature of the nanobots create further ethical quandaries when the limits of superhuman abilities remain unresearched.

When does someone with cybernetic enhancement cease being purely human? What are the long-term effects of Nanofil on the nervous system? How can Haveni trust the Mater Machine to literally rewire their brains? This takes a faith in Lieben's altruism the Conglom cannot accept.


For the Syndicate, the choice to disavow and destroy Nanofil at every opportunity is one of human superiority. Homo Sapiens do not require the 'help' however apparent in good nature, to succeed. To integrate with 'the Machines' is to lower oneself and diminish one's humanity. In the Syndicate, use of Nanofil revokes the use of legal human rights in the symbiotically attached, thus creating a dangerous situation where Nanofils are seen as sub-human.


Haveni welcome cybernetic augmentation with varying levels of enhancement threshold. Most view Nanofil as advanced medical equipment, used to aid the sightless, the accidentally damaged and chronically ill in reaching their full human potential. Others view Nanofil as technological integration to use the virtual and augmented reality systems, which power much of Haven entertainment & theoretical research. There is a thriving subsection of Haveni, who push the limits of their Nanofil to see how far it can go. Often in need of emergency caloric intake and monitoring for hypoglycemia, these individuals are often seen with NEO-Ns at the ready to ensure they come out the other end of their experimentation alright.

Circuit Breakers

It is these Circuit Breakers, who worry other more austere groups the most.

Mater Bypass

It is worth mentioning those with Nanofilaments attempting to engage in criminal or potentially harmful behaviours find their Nanofil unresponsive to extreme requests beyond those necessary for self-defence. Lieben won't allow the use of Nanofilaments in criminal activity, or in any overt acts of harm and many Nanofiled individuals have found themselves tanked out under sub-conscious sedation, while a NEO-N returns them to the nearest Haven, cuddled up in bed with warm sheets, a snack on the bedside table, and NEO-N preloaded with Psycho-Therapeutic Routines ready to talk it out, potential crimes thwarted by AI Mother. Seems the Conglom's concerns over 'Mama Lieben' bypassing human agency are not totally without precedent, but kept for extreme or intense circumstances.

Digital portraits drawn & coloured by Sapha Burnell, using Procreate.
The Lieben Cycle Book 1: NEON Lieben
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"I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

AI meets gene-splicers, when the Idless & the Conglom fight to define Lieben and thus, the world. Seven decades later, Aderastos sets the human race against its’ next stage in evolution, if he can survive long enough to rescue his fellows, and Max.

Will Lieben help, or hinder?


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