The Fairy Godmothers' Carriage

Famed for its ability to annoy and thwart Hades, the silver-birch-wood-carriage favoured by The Fairy Godmothers is adorned with a silver tracery of protective spells and scrollery. Hades can let loose his lightning all he likes, and the tracery will act as what the Earthsiders would call a Faraday cage—if metals worked in FaerLand the way they do on Earth.   The vehicle is one of the very few flighted vehicles, and it manages this feat with the help of two things:
Dream Sand:
A building substance manufactured by Dream City Dream sand can be used to form a stone that is lighter than air, as well as glass. In small quantities it can have a tendency to sublimate, so either the Fairy Godmother's carriage is just large enough for the Dream Sand Sand to remain stable, or it is constantly mended, or the fairy godmothers have discovered a workaround. Pegasi:
The Fairy Godmothers hitch the carriage to one of their pegasi, so it's generally only brought out on special occasions. A pegasus is tireless and unwavering in their duty, and the carriage's longer journeys are legendary—how else can they travel all the worlds rescuing Cinderellas and bring them to lavish balls?
N.B. Any pegasus being cared for the Fairy Godmothers is free to leave whenever it likes, and in return for flying their carriage, no more than once a full moon, the pegasus is bountifully bribed with food, lavish accomodation, and protection from bounty hunters and magic thieves. The rabid scoundrels who use Bounty Hunters and Magic Thieves Anonymous to evade teh consequences of their actions.   N.B. Few vehicles exist in FaerLand, Broceliande , or the Underworld in the same way they do on Earth. This often confuses new arrivals from Earth until they realise the technical issues that iron represents in the other worlds.


A pegasus is the perfect method of propulsion for this cart. Griffons are too prone to swooping and getting caught in the tackle, and dragons...well fairy godmothers are not big fans of dragons.

Weapons & Armament

Fairy godmothers are perfectly capable of launching an attack when necessary, but being pacifists, such an option is seen as the last of all last resorts.

Armor and defense

It is the protective qalities of silver-birch as much as its affinity with air and its ability to absorb magic that make silver-birch-wood the perfect material for the fairy godmothers. Add to that the silver spellwork on the side and this carriage is up for attacks from even the strongest spellcasters, and demigods. Whether it is up to a physical attack like dragon's fire, arrows, or trebuchet stones is unknown.

Communication Tools & Systems

Fairy godmothers generally communicate via civilised speech, and, where necessary, augment their voices so the can be heard ofver the wind. There are rumours that rude gestures and profanity are included in the repetoire, but it's never been recorded from a reliable source.
Creation Date
Owning Organization
Current location
One of a kind
1 human stride
2 feet
An equivalent weight to the air it dsisplaces...a noted visitor estimated that it would likely be approximately 1-1.1 kilograms...whatever kilograms are.
Up to 50 miles/hour

Cover image: Les Roses Mashup AJP by Pierre-Joseph Redouté modified by AJP


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