Dream City

You might think Dream City is built on dreams, but that's only partly true. It's also built on blood, sweat, tears and a lot of gold.


The giant quarter makes up a large part of Dream City which can lead to tensions with the smaller inhabitants who, from time to time, object to being trodden on. Mostly, though, the giants prefer to stick to their own part of town, to be visited by fae and other winged sapients.


While Dream City is a democratically ruled city, there are some very powerful lobbyists who are heavily influential on government. Many of the parties are little more than stooges for the largest and wealthiest corporations.  


  • Tincture of Dreams Party
  • Essence of Nightmare Party
  • The Fork Party
  • The Union of Giants
  • The Ruling Party
The only thing the parties agree on is that they should work together and agree. Most of the parties don't believe big business should pay tax, the Union of Giants keeps that idea in check, and is why so many of the inhabitants actually vote for it, and not, for example their employers.  
I joined the Union of Giants three years ago on a whim. And you know what, every since that day things have looked up
— Muggins the Dream Weaver
I'm fae, but you know what, if it wasn't for the giants we'd all be slave labour for my boss Bebos, or worse. That's why I'm happy to support The Union of Giants, as they're the only party that represent the little people.
— anonymous fae


Difficult Access

Dream City's primary defense is that it is only accessible from the air.  

Lightning Rods

  Lightning is a perpetual danger. If it gets into the industrial dream processing plants the whole place can (and has) exploded with considerable force, flinging the denizens of Dream City to the sky. It is for this reason that personal parachutes, one use only wings, and other flight devices are recommended to anyone who spends time in the city. To protect against lightning, the city uses multiple lightning rods to deflect the excess energy to power the city. In the past this energy was dissipated or bottled, but due to an unfortunate explosion a hundred years ago, it is no longer legal to bottle lightning in Dream City. It is no longer legal to carry around the other form of lightning rod either, and both lightning and fireball spells are serious crimes against the city, that will have perpetrators stripped of all their possessions and thrown out of the city never to return.  


  Giants are an essential part of Dream City defenses. Historical evidence show that a coup happens every few years. When this happens, the political parties wait until the giants get upset, and then help clean up the aftermath. They are also a big deterrent to any other kind of attack.

Industry & Trade

Dream City would not exist without dreams. Dreams fuel it, create the breeze blocks that it's built on, and help to accumulate the money that makes the dangers of Dream City worthwhile.   *Please note that any images displayed on this page are for promotional use only and are not intended to be accurate portrayals of Dream City, which is the modern industrial city you would expect it to be.


  Dream City is a preferred destination for travellers, but it is so hard to get to that most of the stories about the place are nothing but fiction and wishful thinking on the part of failed voyagers.   Please note Dream city's strict policy that no members of the GASP - Guild of Augurs, Seers and Prophets are allowed in Dream City. No, not even on holiday.  
  The charlatans in GASP are bad enough, always causing trouble at cards and dice, making a nuisance of themselves and calling the GASP lawyers, but actual Seers and Prophets are worse. Their psychic fields interfere with and contaminate our dream collection processes.
— Ondatra Zibethicus owner and CEO of Go The Fork To Sleep Industries

Job OpportunitiesĀ 

We're looking for people who are fascinated with the practical applications of dreams. If you are a chemist, alchemist, apothecary, physicist, or oneirology expert we have jobs waiting for you. All you have to do is call the dream team any night between dusk and dawn.
— Gertrude Stardust of the Dream Team
  Find out more. Dreams are the future. So look us up. Please note, no members of the GASP - Guild of Augurs, Seers and Prophets are allowed in Dream City.
Founding Date
Our records are incomplete. Several such cities have been founded over the millenia and their destruction and reformation are a closely guarded secret.
Inhabitant Demonym
Skites, Giants, Dreamers,

Cover image: by Peter Pyw


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