Desert Cat

A desert cat is a type of vehicle that runs across the deserts. They are the only vehicles capable of easily traversing the sand dunes without constantly needing to stop to be dug out or have their engines cleared of sand. A somewhat more flawed version of the design has been sold to other manufacturers, which allows them to use the design for a percentage of the proceeds every year.   First commissioned by Millin Happs-Lowdown-Floo as a way to expand the reaches of their land-ships, the unfinished design was bought by Qo Sin and perfected by some of the inventors working for the Ring of Silence a handful of decades ago.   Originally, Qo Sin intended to use the desert cats to ship products only, but later would also be used to create passenger vehicles.


Initially, the Desert cat was fitted with wheels and sails. This method was scrapped in favour of a multitude of legs, and green copper crystals fitted into the carapace of the vehicle. The crystals soak in the heat and light from the sun that beats down on it, and transform it into energy that allows the desert cats to run as long as the sun is in the sky. This did not allow for night-time travel at first, but after several years of trial and error, a way to store residual energy in a larger shell made out of gold, nacre, and green copper crystal dust, which the Ring of Silence guard closely. The desert cats are the only desert vehicles that are powered by the sun that are able to also run during the night-time.
Desert Cat
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2 Aug, 2022 12:11

Simple but effective for when it comes to desert vehicle. I like how at first it was useless at night but technology improved enough to give it a backup battery at night. How long does it last without direct sunlight or are there any dangers should you keep it charging in the sun even when the battery's full/the vehicle's not in use?