Green Copper Crystal

Green Copper Crystals is a material most favoured as conduits by most versed in magic.


Geology & Geography

The copper can be found within veins in the lava fields all around the Somer Plate.

History & Usage


Long thought to be a useless waste product when mining for the copper used in the Somer Plate's currency and used for decorative purposes, it was only discovered in the recent century that it can be used to channel energy through.

Everyday use

The green copper has been primarily used in jewelry, initially much cheaper than regular copper, though after the discovery that they are excellent magical conduits, the price has shot up immensely. As such, there are for example many antique rings with green copper in them, but very few new ones.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Within the Coal Desert, the use of green copper is still very large, and it's the only place where the material isn't incredibly expensive. The liquid has always been considered highly valuable to the inhabitants of the desert, particularly in its liquid form. They insert the fluid into jewelry and other items used for decoration, rites, and the like, and are seen as amulets.

Industrial Use

The green copper crystals are used to power a multitude of engines, depending on how they were prepared. They are used to provide power for engines, such as in the bakery boats, or desert cats, for example.


The green copper, found in nature in a fluid state within regular copper, needs to have solodifying components added to it to be properly used, as, when fluid, it is far too volatile to easily handle. It is very hot to the touch, capable of burning skin off, and if magic is channelled into it before solidified, it is prone to explode. What is used to solidify the liquid into the form known as crystals differs between cultures, regions, and other groups.
Sulfuric, Metallic, Pungent
Bitter, Sickly Sweet
Yellowish Green
Common State


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