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Trans-Vriddasan Railway

For those who can afford it, the Trans-Vriddasan Railway is the safest and most comfortable way to obtain passage between Adis and Phicen. Alternating between travelling along the northern and southern coastlines of the Vriddasan continent, it provides a less frequently nausea-inducing journey than travel by ship, as well as avoiding potential encounters with the carsanyo which are known to dwell off northern Vriddasan shores and can pose a danger to any ships looking to dock.   Desirable to those looking for transport for both commercial and private purposes, ticket fares can be quite expensive in spite of the fact that the train is hardly the most regular. As feywild faults shift and move, travel through the O'Rauven Wildlands can be delayed; usually only for hours, but sometimes for days. There are some locals who are able to somewhat predict the movement of faults and plan accordingly, but experts will tell you that the only truly predictable thing about the faults is that they are frequently unpredictable, and then best plan will should always include a plan B.   The full route extends for approximately 4,300 miles (6920 km), travelling from Arsippar, a colony and trade port belonging to the Kingdom of Hazar, to Grimacem, the capital of Vriddasa. If travelling without stops or delays, the journey can take as little as 60 hours, but more typically at least four stops are made, lending to a travel time closer to 75 hours. The four usual stops consist of Voibu, a large settlement in the Wildlands, and Tifen, Tindas, and Abazergua, three large cities in Vriddasa.
Creation Date
1st of Leafwane, AE 612
80 mph (129 kph) maximum speed

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