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Aumanite Armored Carriage

The Aumanite Armored Carriages were designed at the turn of the fifteenth century as part of Auma's "New Edenite Modernization Project." The vehicles were designed to provide safe and easy transportation within Auma and its colonies.

The vehicle was marketed as "The New Safest Means of Pilgrimage" and was released as a competitor to the safety of the T'cheranite roads which took a little bit longer if one was traveling from New Eden to Old Eden. It wasn't as successful as hoped, however. The carraige was too heavy for the average set of stags to pull, the Metisian iron used to build it was too expense which drove up the price for the product and added to the piracy in the Middle Islands. Overall, it was a flop and discontinued after three years on the market.

After 1400 the carraiges were melted down and broken up into there parts. This was sold by the government to The Aumanite-Common Lander Tradeing Company which would later become Xennium Industries.

Armor and defense

The AAC is known for being one of the most heavy means of Guildwellian land transportation. This is due to the intense amount of defenses and armor weighting it down. This was intended to allow it to be one of the safest manners of traveling Common Lander colonies which where filled with limitess amounts bandits and wild animals at the time. The idea was that this armor provided more than adequate protection from this danger, however, more than defend, this weighted down the vehicle making is much more vulnerable to traps and impossible for the stags drawing the carraige to escape the bandits and animals.

The Tank
Creation Date
Decommission Date
Up to 6 tons without stags or passengers
2 - 6 MPH
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2 - 5 passengers and 1 - 2 drviers

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