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Sea Nymph

The Sea Nymph is a square-rigged, three-masted sailing ship owned entirely by the great explorer, Beradin Greateye. Built in 1238 in Hor Darom by the Honorable Company of Uthain Shipwrights, it was a custom order specially designed by Beradin to incorporate magic to increase the integrity of the hull and the speed of the ship. The design tested so well, however, that the Shipwrights began producing more three-masted ships, a variation on Beradin's design, which they refered to as the Sojourner class.  


  After his sailing route from the continent of Aqora to the continent of Usluin was determined to be a non-viable route for trade, Beradin had been seized by the idea of designing a faster ship that could make the journey more easily than his old ship, the Magron. Not being a shipwright himself, and still recouping his losses from his failed attempts to reach the continent, Beradin consulted with many shipwrights and designers around the world. On his journeys, he always carried with him a series of notes and sketches, and got advice and other input from those he met along the way. Finally, he had a viable design for a faster ship, and the money to commission it for himself.  

Building the Sea Nymph

  Being a native of Uthain, himself, Beradin brought his plans to the Honorable Company of Uthain Shipwrights. They were skeptical at first about the addition of a third mast, but all of them agreed that if it worked, the extra canvas would make the ship much faster. A square-rigged sail would allow the ship to run with less crew. Beradin's ideas to use magic to reinforce the hull and strengthen the sails was a revolutionary concept to the shipbuilders of Iolera, although it was common practice elsewhere. As Beradin was willing to pay up front, the Shipwrights agreed to take on the job. The keel was laid in mid 1235 and the ship was finished early in the month of Tharkyl (mid-Frostpart), 1238. The integration of magic into the ship took another two months. Beradin, himself, designated her as the Sea Nymph.  

First Voyage

  Beradin hired a seasoned crew of thirty, plus five officers, a cook, a cartographer, a botanist, and a wizard skilled in weather magic. For its shakedown cruise, Beradin sailed it across the well-charted Aibeth Ocean to Narrogh in Aqora, then down the coast to the Jubrines. There he gave the ship a careful inspection before sailing from the island of Nereira across the Prioshora Ocean to the country of Itapevi, as he had once before. The Sea Nymph made the journey in record time, long before anyone had to be concerned with water or rations. Elated, Beradin restocked the ship and headed up the western coast of Usluin, with his cartographer mapping as they went.  

The Sea Nymph Today

  Currently the Sea Nymph is still sailing the oceans of Kadeth. While she is sometimes used for trade, primarily the Sea Nymph is a vessel of exploration, funded by one of the greatest explorers our world has known. Beradin has made it his life's work to chart the oceans and coastlines for as long as he can still sail. He claims that it would not be fair to be greedy, so he leaves the interiors to other explorers.
SS Sea Nymph
Creation Date
24 feet
116 feet
95 feet
120 tons
12 knots
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
120 tons and 70 people

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Polina "Line" Arteev
1 Aug, 2022 15:38

A wonderful article! I always struggle with writing vehicles for prompts, always wanting to write about ships and the like but getting lost in trying to research how actual ships work in the real world. This article has a fine balance between describing the ship's construction and telling its story and I enjoyed learning about it :)

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