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The Symmetrical Tree

Some places in the universe are "off". Time bends strangely, people get lost. The universe twists and tangles in mysterious ways.


In a clearing in the Sandibari Forests stands a single tree of unidentified species, which has withstood shaping by the wind, the suns, or any other natural force. It has therefore grown such that it is perfectly symmetrical from all angles. Even the roots which should stabilize it against the wind have grown in this fashion. This unholy, cursed location is the site of disappearances of a host of animals, from Mudeweian Kingfishers to migratory Basket Horns to the few Sandibari intrepid enough (or stupid enough) to get too close. Additionally, a small handful of Stenza disappearances are also attributed to the site.

Historical Basis

There is, in fact, a clearing in the middle of the forests with just such an uncanny tree. Although it is the subject of immense scientific curiosity, attempts to explore have led to problems with equipment, individuals getting lost who have no business getting lost, and other problems. Sandibari themselves adamantly refuse to approach, considering the entire spot cursed and dangerous to visit, so finding guides is already a tall order. Satellite images of the site have also shown anomalous defects, even when taken by state-of-the-art equipment.   Theories abound about the actual site, from magnetopsheric anomalies to aliens (relative to Mudewei), and even temporal or spatial (or both) distortions. Interestingly, it is used as a nexus in Subspace navigation due to its properties, although how or why it has these properties is unknown.


In Sandibari animism, the spot is widely known as unholy, either home to malevolent entities or devoid of entities entirely.   The Stenza officially keep the site of the tree a state secret, as it is essential to their navigation systems, but urban legends circulate around the site regardless.

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