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Short-Range Teleport

The short-range teleport is a small teleportation device typically worn at the neck, which can instantaneously transport an individual or closely huddled small group across distances ranging up to several miles. It is very commonly issued to ship's technicians and soldiers as emergency equipment, and it is on the long list of equipment strictly forbidden from the Leadership Challenge (for more information, see Tzim-Sha).
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
The short-range teleportation device is ubiquitous in many corners of Stenza society. Soldiers, technicians, and even the average civilian keeps at least one as part of an emergency kit, next to the prepackaged preserved food and extra water. However, their ubiquity means they will come into contact with pups, who may set off the devices accidentally. Therefore they are explicitly designed and encrypted so that they can only be activated intentionally. While it is safer for a pup to use a short-range than, say, a recall circuit, there is still the risk of finding oneself in the wilderness with no clear route back home.


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