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Raida , sela (a.k.a. Clan Killer)

One of the most infamous leaders in recent Stenza history, Raida is primarily known for his only major act as leader: because some of the Droghi on his council disagreed with his expansionist goals (and more generally the concept of his leadership), he had almost all members of their clans executed as punishment. The survivors, among them Tzim-Sha, filtered their way mostly to the Clan of the Lost and anyone else who would take them in. The act inspired such revulsion among those left standing that Creyth was able to rally the remaining elders and lead the coup against him. He had barely served a year.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
First of the Stenza Conqueror of the Nine Systems Ruler of Mudewei True Successor of Iradae the Lawgiver Commander of the Forces Master of the Battlefield Greatest of War Greatest of Peace Officer Above Officers
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
2357 2419 62 years old
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated following the Clan Killings
Other Affiliations


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