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Second Officer

The second rank under the umbrella term "ranked officers" (which includes First, Third, and Fourth Officers), the Second Officer answers directly to the First, and many of their responsibilities and requirements overlap. This feeds directly into a common reality in the Stenza military, such that the First and Second Officers are routinely in conflict with one another, jockeying for position and leaving much of the actual practical work of the unit to the Third and Fourth Officers.


Anyone seeking the position of Second Officer must, as with persons seeking the position of First Officer, show leadership skills and an ability to see the larger picture of a theater of war, in order to assist the First Officer. Realistically, these matching capabilities lead to a heightened sense of competition with the First Officer, kicking off the well-attested cycle.


It is quite common to be ceremonially promoted to the position, although battlefield promotions are considerably more common than battlefield promotions to First Officer.


The Second Officer serves as a lieutenant to the First Officer, ideally assisting in the management of the clan's military resources, although they also tend to be hands-off when it comes to the pop-up units in lower-ranked troops, such as Task Units.
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