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Fourth Officer

The final rank under the classification of "ranked officer" (after First, Second, and Third Officer), and the rank with the least direct responsibility for the unit at large, Fourth Officer is considered to be a learning rank out of the spotlight of the higher ranks. Citizen-Recruits who show a lot of potential for leadership are trained by Fourth Officers with the possibility of promotion when the position opens up (due to retirement, promotion, or death).


A candidate must demonstrate competency at personnel and resource management, and ideally will have been the leader of several effective Task Units before consideration.


While it is common for prospective Fourth Officers to be assigned a Third or Fourth to shadow for a set period of time before consideration of their own merits (and to allow the candidate to evaluate the actual situation and possibly change their mind), it is not unheard of for individuals to take up the role spontaneously on the battlefield. This happened, for example, following the death of Siah'ywe, when Ta'zhen (then Third Officer) and the nearest Task Unit leader rallied the surviving Citizen-Recruits  for a retreat.


The Fourth Officer is viewed by the non-ranked personnel as the most accessible of the ranked officers, and more seasoned individuals in the position often hear concerns from Task Unit leaders and Citizen-Recruits regarding rations, equipment, and in a few cases, visions from the gods regarding potential insight into the relevant conflict. It falls on the Fourth Officer to relay these concerns up the chain, most commonly to the Third Officer (and they often must work together on certain solutions "on behalf of" the First and Second Officers).


The position of Fourth Officer is the most hands-on when it comes to the management of practical affairs related to the droga's military unit, from rations and equipment to manpower and often to proper care of the dead. Like the other officers, they are also responsible for larger-scale movements across a theater of war, as well as implementing the goals of those above them, up to and including the Leader.


An individual gains a lot by training under, or serving as, Fourth Officer. Aside from the social prestige that comes with serving as a ranked officer, there is also the actual gain of skills in such areas as leadership, resource management, personal skills, and other useful talents for certain post-service careers. The reputation of approachability follows people who have once served as Fourth Officer long after retirement, and some even go into informal partnerships with Religious Experts helping provide questions and insights to their clan.

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