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Task Unit Leader


Anyone seeking to become a task unit leader must show a specific proficiency at some kind of skill (for example, detection of mines or familiarity with a city or local language) that will advance a Stenza military goal. By default, an individual must be a citizen in order to serve in the military, so all task unit leaders are citizens.


Task Unit leaders are appointed by ranked officers, typically Third and Fourth Officers, for specific situations. If an officer is new, a candidate's friends, blood siblings and others may vouch for them, information which is taken into consideration in the selection process.   During high-intensity conflict, however, task units may form organically when someone has an idea to lead a specific mission in an effort to turn the tide in battle. This is particularly common when someone happens to notice minefields or other hidden explosives, weapons, or enemies. Task units can therefore be led or supported by reconnaissance experts.


The task unit leader must keep the rest of his or her team "on task" and direct them toward a given objective (the raison d'etre of the task unit in question), while also keeping loss of life for the team as low as possible.
Civic, Military, Generic
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