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Do you want to get your worldbuilding skills up to scratch? Join the fun!



During Worldbuilding Summer Camp, we challenge you with 33 prompts to get you motivated, inspired, and ready to worldbuild! Take part, grow your world, and win prizes!   Read the rules carefully because this year is a little different and you won’t see all of the prompts on day one - here’s how the challenge works:  
How To Enter
Stream Schedule
Prizes & Badges
Rules & FAQ
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How it works:

  • There will be 30 core prompts, and 3 bonus prompts
  • These are split into four tiers of completion and will be released periodically throughout July 2020. They will be shown first on our livestreams along with us unpacking each prompt and giving you writing tips and inspiration for each prompt!
  • Prompts 1 to 10 - Copper Stage - released 1st July
  • Prompts 11 to 20 - Silver Stage - released 10th July
  • Prompts 21 to 30 - Gold Stage - released 20th July
  • Prompts 31 to 33 - Diamond Stage - released 30th July
  • Once the prompts have been revealed on our livestream they will be added to this competition page! You'll need to refresh the page for them to appear.
Complete each prompt (in any order) by clicking the prompt button to create a new worldbuilding article of the correct template type. Then just fill in the template, answering the prompt!   Each article must be at least 300 words, published, and public before you can submit it!   Completing any 10 of the prompts will earn you the Copper Winner badge, completing any 20 of the prompts will earn you the Silver Winner badge and completing any 30 of the prompts will earn you the Gold Winner badge!   This year we’ve added an extra twist to the challenge! If you want to, complete the bonus prompts for a total of all 33 prompts, and earn the extra shiny Diamond Winner badge!  

Join our community!

  One of the best things about Summer Camp is the community support - everyone rallies together on multiple platforms - Twitter, Discord, Facebook - to share ideas and support one another!

How to enter:

Taking part is super easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Create your World Anvil account (it's free!), or log in if you're already signed up
  2. Create a new world, or select one you've already made
  3. On this page, scroll down to the prompt buttons below, click one to create an article appropriate for that prompt
  4. Write at least 300 words in your article, save it, and make sure that it's published (not a draft!) and public
  5. Uncollapse the Community Challenge panel on the right -hand side (underneath the publishing tools) and you'll now see the SUBMIT button!
  6. Visit your progress page by clicking the "Check your progress" button on this page, to review your completed prompts!

  You can complete the prompts in any order you like! Maybe you want to pace yourself by completing one per day, or pull a marathon and do 10 in one go! However many prompts you complete, and however you go about it, the challenge deadline is final.   Read each prompt carefully and make the best use of the different sections of the article template to expand your answer. If you're stuck on a prompt, ask your friends for help, or hop in the World Anvil Discord! It's a great place to get advice.!   Each article must be new (created during July 2020), and created using your own new content. Check the FAQ for more details.   Make sure to read through the rules and FAQ section of this page carefully!  
Rules & FAQ

Stream Schedule

Tune in to our livestreams on Twitch or YouTube to see the prompts before anyone else! After they're revealed on stream, the competition page will be updated and you will be able to access the juicy new prompts!


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