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Most commonly, thaumtech is used to run dwarven machinery and factories. It’s also widely used on the armour and weapons of higher ranked military titles. An example of this is the paladins that use runes on at least their hammer, in order to spare a fireblast.   It is actually possible to simply store some form of mystical energy, like fire or wind, inside a runic battery. This can later be used in all manners of different ways, like enhancing the colour and give radiating heat to a street lamp, or increase the power in a cannon.   Different patterns and runic batteries can even give mechanical life to constructs to aid in the daily life. Sadly, some vile people rather create monstrosities and murder machines with the help of the illegal runes and living matter. This is however seen as the highest form of witchery and heresy in most cultures.


As stated before, the art is very delicate and requires several processes. First, the technological part made thaumtech can’t be impossibly illogical. You can’t take an icicle and craft a rune of fire on it, and then expect it not to melt.   If we take an already functioning revolver though, there’s several things we can do. For example, a blue rune of silence can be carved onto the muzzle. If the rune is activated, it would allow the user one silent shot.   One shot however, is just one shot. If someone wants to fire more than one silent round, they’ll need to drill a hole in the stock and insert a runic battery inside.   The runic battery itself consists of plates of metals, mainly Whymníum , that have runes carved on them. They are then pressed down into a small glass canister that likely has room for eighteen of them.   Note that you can’t cheat by carving these runes on the ammo. The bullet wouldn’t whistle, yet the pistol very much still blows.
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Due to the efficiency and all the unlocked possibilities behind machines and functions fueled by runic might, it is common place to use it. Noble courts often have their own mysticians to deal with the art, while many villages welcomes the guild with open arms.   Certain cities are even built from the very concept of reaching past the limits that simple engineering and architecture holds. It is how the elves keep their hovering rings afloat among their spires, and how the city of Westport as many of its troubles solved by the hands of machines, rather than flesh.   Thaumtech is however only allowed to be performed by certain certificated individuals due to it’s delicacy. Certain runes are also not allowed to be used, like black and purple ones, and ones made for despicable purpose.
The wonders it create doesn’t need to be that complex like flying buildings though. It can be everything from a runic coolant or a heater, that the average upper middle class individual likely own. Then, it can fuel a whole wall to only accept certain people to pass through the power beams, like the Velkorian have.   There are however, limits. So far nobody has managed to get a whole city to float, or cause a natural disaster, or similar with the knowledge. Though it all depends on the runes and the material along with the construction they are written on. It should also be stated most runes require to be energized.
The phenomenon of magitech has existed far beyond that of human and elven societies alike. It’s the founding pillars of many cultures and thus there is no telling whom was the first to develop the art of mixing modern technology with that of mysticism.
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