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The Suffocation of 1378

Death came from the Lake

An odd occurance in Bredtkiping in which the vegetation, animals and people around Lake Barbund were suffocated by gasses from the lake. The biggest natural disaster to happen in Bredtkiping in newer time.  


The cause of the mass-deaths around the lake were first a mystery, many suspected magic use gone wrong or a dangerous magic user. A team of scientist from Flottkiping was sent to Venteft to investigate the weird anomaly.  

Popular Theory

The most popular theory was not condoned by the authorities nor the scientist. However, it was spread like wild-fire the first few months after the incident.   The survivors blamed a man who lived in Venteft where the disaster affected most people. He was a known Spell-caster and had a Water Mark. They theorized that he had used as spell to make the water spew toxic air.   Oddly enough, the theory wasn't too far from the truth. Of course, there was no magic involvement, but the air was indeed toxic around the lake.  

Official Explanation

After more than seven months of testing the lake, it's surrounding soil and the air, the scientists concluded that the incident had been caused by a buildup of toxic gasses in the lower layers of water in the lake.  

Acidic Soil

However, they weren't able to conclude exactly how the gasses had gotten there, though they had theories. One of the scientists was sure that the buildup was caused by the acidic soil surrounding the lake. His hypothesis was, that the acidic properties had seeped into the lake and when the lake had gotten too warm, it was released as toxic air. There had been a heatwave in the days leading up to the incident, which was one of the main arguments.  

Volcanic Activity

Another theory proposed was, that the buildup had been caused by volcanic activity under the lake. This theory was made due to the fact that there are multiple active volcanoes in the area, and as such, it wouldn't be odd to find one under the lake.   However, it was extremely difficult to prove this theory.  

Final Conclusion

The official report from the team of scientists concluded that multiple factors played into the incident. They included the findings of the gas in the lower water levels, the acidic soil, the possible underwater volcano as well as the theory about the heatwave.
704 dead
More than 1400 people survived the disaster. Many had temporary side-effects from being exposed to the gas.
12th of Ebenisden 1378 ADF
One incident recorded.
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