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Bredtean Mining Town

Placed between the two largest cities in Bredtkiping, Venteft acts as a rest stop on the route to and from each city. However, the town isn't just known for its abundance of taverns and inns, but also for its thriving mining community.  

The only Mining town

Venteft is the only place in Bredtkiping where the mountains have been mined for a long time. Most of the materials needed for building and weapons are either bought in Venteft or imported from other nations. Most of the stone used for building in both Flottkiping and Venkiping are from Venteft. The main materials found in the mountains are rock, clay, iron and copper.  


Moreover, many Bredtean blacksmiths have decided to move to Venteft, as they can get the materials cheaper if they buy them directly from the source instead of a merchant. This has led to a small community of blacksmiths producing everything from pans and kitchenware to swords for the National Town Guard. Many come to Venteft to buy the creations of the blacksmiths there, as the blacksmiths in the city are scarce and often also produce items of worse quality.  

Abundance of Establishments

Due to Venteft being a common destination to go through on the journey back and forth between the two major cities, many establishments have been built to accommodate the travellers. There are a handful of taverns and inns which are specifically made for outsiders. The town has designated areas meant for the merchants and travellers who need a place to stay. These areas are often nicer and have prettier scenery, as that makes most willing to pay a higher price for their stay.   However, there is also an area of town only really frequented by the inhabitants, which is the northern district. This part of Venteft has most of the homes of the miners as well as a couple of local bars.
Owning Organization
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