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National Town Guard

The Watchers of Bredtkiping

The National Town Guard is the official law-enforcement organization in Bredtkiping. The Guard has branches in all six settlements in Bredtkiping. Other than that, there are also 3 different teams tasked with patrolling the trading routes and another group which is mobilized to conflicts in more deserted areas.  

History of the Guard

The Bredtean Government established the guard after the Revolution of Bredtkiping in 1259 ADF. This was a temporary organization instated to combat riots and looting after the revolution had managed to overthrow the oppressors from Estratoft.  

Revolution Disturbances

The National Town Guard was first tasked with helping the citizens of Bredtkiping and ensuring that no looting went on after the revolution. They are often credited as being the reason why the dust of the revolution settled as quickly as it did.   The town guard did more than arresting people who broke the law and created problems during this period. They also worked to prevent that any would try to steal or loot. They did this by establishing several public kitchens in areas that had been especially affected by the revolution. Here, people in need could come and get free food.  

After the Revolution

When life returned to normal in Bredtkiping, the guard stayed around. The Government had chosen to let them continue their work instead of reinstating the old police force. The reason for this was, that the approach and attitude created within the Guard seemed to make the public less hostile towards them.   It became the official mission of the National Town Guard to not just uphold the law but to support the communities around them. This has led to a lowered crime rate when compared to neighbouring countries.  

Innerworkings of the Guard

The Guard has multiple different branches. One for each of the 6 settlements and four additional groups as well. These groups each have guards of different roles.  

Roles in the Guard

There are multiple different roles in the guard. The highest-ranking position is that of the captain; each of the 10 groups has a captain which all have the same level of authority. They report to the Law Enforcement Ministry of the Government. Other than that there are the Valiant Guards and the Novice Guards, also often referred to as fledgeling guards. This nickname is generally used in a teasing matter by the more experienced guards.   The experienced guards generally do both community work as well as law enforcement. However, the Novice Guards are assigned a certain squad with a group of Valiant Guards where they are asked to focus on one of the two for a period of two weeks each. This is to ensure that they get enough routine in the specific procedures.
Founding Date
1261 ADF
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
The Guard
The Town Guard
The Nationals
Parent Organization

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