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A well-known mining town

Belnbak is a larger mining settlement found in the northern parts of Elken in Dysvoll. Belnbak is situated close to Biroaln, which is one of the largest cities in Elken. It's mostly known for being a big exporter of Welian Steel to the Elkean military, it's only surpassed by Kilfeld.  
Belnbak is a lovely place with so many beautiful spots in the surrounding forest areas.   There's a beautiful meadow nearby, I hear it's quite the popular spot for lovesick young people!
— citizen of Belnbak

A disgraceful past

The town is also known for being the home of Hilmon Pedelstrof, a disgraced and infamous mine-owner. He was in a head-to-head battle with Ignees Ilfred, a mine owner from Kilfeld. He became delusional and paranoid, that she was plotting something big and ended up killing her with a poison-laced sword in what is now known as The Duel of the Mine Owners.  
A few decades have passed since the incident duel incident, and we still haven't forgotten.   The descendants of Pedelstrof make sure to mark the day every year and condemn what Hilmon did.
— citizen of Belnbak
  After this horrible incident occurred, the town tried its best to make sure it wouldn't give them a bad reputation. Pedelstrof was arrested and thrown in jail and his mines were given to the closest relative. It was renamed in Ignees honour and the town managed to recover and continue to supply the military with Welian steel.
Large town
Owning Organization

Organization | Dec 27, 2020

A large country in Dysvoll, which trades a lot with the nations in Kanden.

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