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Welian Steel

Mostly used for magical weapons

The metal known as welian Steel is the name of a highly sought after material, which is primarily found in Elken and the surrounding areas to the south from the country. The metal is quite rare and its high value comes from the potent spells which can be easily bonded to the steel.  
The most sought after metal for weapon crafting is possibly welian steel.   This gives the main owners of the mines, where welian steel is found, a lot of power.
— Resident of Elken

Money making machine

The welian steel is high in value and can be sold for an impressive amount of money. Many of those who own the mining facilities which produces welian steel are often wealthy and influential because of the high demand for the material. These families have often been elevated in status within their respective nations. Some have even been made nobles in return for selling some of the product to the nation's military.  

Fuel the flames

Due to most of the families having root in central Elken, they don't have the biggest amount of threats against them. Elken itself only has a few possible problems along the borders and aren't exactly threatened by imminent war as some other regions are.  
Therefore, the steel which doesn't end up in the military's hands often end up in the hands of the three northermost countries of Dysvoll.   These nations are the neighbours of Elken and they are in the area known as Kanden.   Hanalund, Bredtkiping and Estratoft have an extensive history of conflicts and battles between them and they are some of the most frequent buyers of welian steel.
We are quite brilliant in some ways - if I do say so myself!   By supplying all three nations with the steel, we ensure that they have an even playing field when it comes to weapons. Hopefully, this will make the conflict last longer and they will be in need of even more welian steel!
— Owner of a welian
steel mining facility
8,25 g/cm3
Common State

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