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Ignees Ilfred

Mine owner and great business woman

Ignees Ilfred

Igness Ilfred was a mine owner who lived in Elken. Her mines were a big supplier of Welian Steel to Biroaln where it was used for making weapons.   After a longer conflict with another mine owner named Hilmon Pedelstrof, Ignees ultimately lost her life when he decided to murder her over their dispute.  

The Life of Ignees

Through the years, Ignees experiences many things. Her life was quite interesting from infant to adult. She had many nice people around her most of her life, both helpful and supportive, as well as a happy and calm childhood.  

Early life

Ignees came to the world in 1521 and was born and raised in Kilfeld, which is a prominent mining town in Elken well known for the abundance of Welian Steel in the ground beneath it.   Her mother and father were owners of one of the local Welian mines, which meant that the family wasn't missing much when it came to material items. Their goods were in high demand and as such the family was wealthy and lived in comfort.  


When Ignees turned 23 years of age, her father decided to retire from being boss of the mine and decided that the best person to take over was her.
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  She had been trained and taught in the trade since she was a young girl and was more than ready to take over. Ignees made many changes to the mine, raised wages and improved the safety for the miners, which resulted in less upstirs and revolts compared to the time her father was in charge.   Due to the improvements she made, most of the miners held her in high regards and were happy to work under her. Business boomed and even with the higher wages, Ignees was able to support herself and her family without trouble.   Her big break came in 1558 when she secured a deal with the Elkean military to become on of their main suppliers of welian steel for weapon forging. Due to her contributions and the great importance of her goods, it was considered if she should be elevated to nobility.  

The bitter end

Though life was going well for Ignees with her trading deal with the military and the possibility of being appointed as nobility, she did not get to enjoy it for very long. A year after her luck had skyrocketed, it all went horribly wrong.   Her business rival Hilmon Pedelstrof managed to secure a major deal with some of the blacksmiths in Biroaln which was a nice break for him, since he had landed himself in a bit of financial trouble. Ignees had congratulated him, trying to be nice even though their relationship was rocky.   Her unprovoked kindness made Hilmon paranoid and it all culminated in a duel between the two. Hilmon had forced Ignees to duel against him, but what she didn't know was, that he had applied poison to his own blade. One slash and she was done for.   Hilmon received severe punishment for the murder and his name was tarnished for years to come. He died before he could make it out of his cold, damp cell.
1521 ADF 1559 ADF 38 years old
Circumstances of Death
Kilfeld in Elken
Dark brown, wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

The Duel of the Mine Owners
Military Conflict | Dec 30, 2020

A duel between to rivaling suppliers in Elken. It ended in death and tragedy.

Ignees Ilfred was a lovely person, kind and giving to her very core!   She deserved nothing of the horrible fate that befell her. May the bastard that did it rot in that cell for the rest of his sad, empty life.
— Miner who worked in the Ilfred mines
Welian Steel
Material | Jul 31, 2020

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What a wonderful woman, though such a shame she died the way she did.

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Aww she was just being nice and it backfired. I'm glad her killer was punished for it. She sounds like she was a nice woman.

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She sounds awesome, but damn what a tragic death, so glad that Hilmon was punished for his actions. People getting paranoid because of kindness really is one of the worst possible traits in humans.

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