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A Wood Logging Town

Tupdrop is a small town on the western border of Estratoft in Kanden. The Tredop Forest is located nearby and this town is solely known for it's logging industry. In connection to that, it's also known for Vivandel Wood Workings, the business who controls the Vandel Wood market.  
Tupdrop is not much to look at if you're out for a grand city and busy streets. However, it got so much else to offer.   It's very quaint and beautiful, with vines crawling op the building walls and wildflowers sprouting between the stones of our paths.
— Inhabitant of Tupdrop

Kanden's wood supplier

Tupdrop and Vivandel Wood Workings is the main supplier of Vandel Wood in Kanden, and most of the money flowing in and out of the town do so in this connection. The company has monopoly on the market and with the high demand of wood, people work night and day to ensure the demands are met.  

Employment in Tupdrop

A large amount of people in Tupdrop work in relation to the Vivandel Wood Workings logging camp. Some are lumber Jacks and work long hours in the woods to cut down and transport the trees back to camp.   Some work with finely cutting the tree to the perfect dimensions and other positions require the worker to finely treat the wood so it becomes as sturdy as it possibly can.  
Most people who don't work in the wood industry work with farming, supplying much of the town with food throughout the year.   A small amount also work with children and take care of them in case both parents work most hours of the day.
It's a pleasure to work at Vivandel Wood Workings.
It might be hard work, but the payment definitely meets our expectations. None of us go hungry to bed.
— Worker at VWW
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Owning Organization

Vivandel Wood Workings
Organization | Jul 25, 2021

The logging business which supplies most of Kanden with wood.

Vandel Wood
Material | Jul 25, 2021

A sturdy and light wood found in high quantities in the Tredop forest.

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