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Vivandel Wood Workings

Building Material Suppliers in Kanden

Vivandel Wood Workings is a lumbering business working out of Tupdrop in Estratoft. This settlement is placed very close to the Tredop Forest, which is known for it's large amount of Vandel Trees.  
We supply the finest wood in the entirety of Kanden!   We promise our wood is one hundred percent vandel, and you may quote us on that!
— owner of Vivandel Wood Workings

One Product

This corporations one big export is the Vandel Wood. This material is the most popular choice in Kanden for building both houses as well as other projects. This is due to the fact that it's quite light but incredibly sturdy if given the right treatment, which the company ensures.  

Market Supremacy

Vivandel Wood Workings have a monopoly on the vandel wood market in Kanden and supply more than 90% of all vandel wood used for building.   Any competitors are easily wiped off the market, since the large quantity of trees in Tredop forest largely outnumbers any other area.  
Due to their high supply, Vivandel Wood Workings are able to sell it to a slightly cheaper price compared to everyone else.  

Friendly competition

Any other companies who start out selling vandel wood either go under financially within few years, or in the case they're successful, they're bribed or threatened out of the market. This has proved to be very effective for Vivandel Wood Workings.
They're bullies, bullies I tell ya!   We simply wanted to sell that wood you see, but they told us if we didn't stop, we might have some accidents very soon...   I don't need no greedy man plotting my downfall!
— former owner of a lumber business startup

No wood is better than Vivandel Wood!

Corporation, Business
Alternative Names

Vandel Wood
Material | Jul 25, 2021

A sturdy and light wood found in high quantities in the Tredop forest.

Settlement | Jul 25, 2021

A small town in Estratoft. The home to the biggest wood supplying company in Kanden.

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