A fish who survives the unsurvivable

A species of fish found in Lake Barbund near Venteft in Bredtkiping. Their existence has been a mystery for many years, since the lake is known for being devoid of life in the deeper parts of the lake, except for the bundlapper.  
This fish is most peculiar!   It survives in an acidic environment, but dies in non-toxic water...
— Scientist sent out after the Great Suffocation

The Impossible Fish

Bundlapper by Ninne124
The bundlapper fish has been a conundrum to the locals for years. They've always known lake Barbund was somehow toxic, especially in the deeper parts of the lake since no vegetation grew there. However, this one species of fish managed to survive in the cold, devoid depths of the lake.  

A Toxic Lake

The locals were faced with just how toxic the lake really was during The Suffocation of 1378, where toxic gasses from the lake suffocated both humans and animals around the lake.   The scientists discovered that the lake's water was very acidic, especially further into the lake. This was thought to be caused by the same thing which caused the toxic air. However, the lake stayed acidic and the bundlapper fishes didn't seem bothered.

The Green Belt

The most curious thing about the fish is, that the bundlapper, unlike the rest of the life in the lake, lives in the bare depths where nothing else grows or lives.   The few other fish species in the lake live in the Green Belt, which is the shallow water where a handful of species of pondgrass grow.   The water is barely acidic in the shallow parts, so the fish can live there with no consequence.

Cursed or Blessed

Some people believe the fish is somehow blessed, since it somehow survives the harsh environment of the lake and also seemed unaffected by the Great Suffocation.   However, some believe the fish is rather cursed by dark magics, due to what happens when the fish is out of the lake.  
We do not recommend eating the fish known as the Bundlapper.
It has a most horrid stench, odd colouring and swells up when taken out of the toxic water in which it lives.   If anyone loses their life after consuming this revolting creature, no one but themselves is responsible.   This is a warning, nothing good will come from ingesting anything related to the Bundlapper.
— Official statement from the Government of Bredtkiping

An ugly death

When the bundlapper is taken out of the depths of the lake, it swells up and dies within a few minutes.   If it is put in a deep aquarium it floats instead, not blowing up but simply not able to survive in water that is not from the lake.   Many have tried different techniques to keep the fish alive out of the lake. However, so far no one have been successful in their experiments.
Once in a while, someone new tries their hand at it, and it has come to a point were many Bundlappers meet a most painful death at the hands of curious humans.
7 years
Average Length
26 cm
Geographic Distribution

Lake Barbund
Geographic Location | Dec 4, 2020

A lake in Bredtkiping known for the natural disaster it cased over a hundred years ago. Also known for the weird fish species that live in its waters.

Settlement | Jul 26, 2020

Mining town in Bredtkiping.

The Suffocation of 1378
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Jul 27, 2020

A limnic eruption in Bredtkiping. The only one ever recorded.

Cover image: by Ninne124


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4 Dec, 2020 22:45

DO NOT EAT THE FISH.   I'm very fond of these little guys from what you've said about them. I'm really intrigued by what about their anatomy allows them to survive where nothing else can.   Their horrible deaths out of water remind me of the poor blobfish in our world. ;_;

5 Dec, 2020 15:34

Thanks Emy! ^-^   I wrote the article about the lake where I first mentioned these after having just made a blobfish pond in Stardew Valley, so there is a very good reason for the similarities XD   I might spend some time coming up with the biology of it, if I have the time :D

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5 Dec, 2020 05:36

They sound like they are always sad

5 Dec, 2020 08:13

That was a great article and I love that there are limnic eruptions in your setting. However, the seemingly strict "zonation" of the acidity is a tad weird. I was also confused by the presence of seagrass (which is normally found in marine areas). But all in all, that was a really fun take on this sort of fish!

5 Dec, 2020 15:30

Thanks!! ^-^   It completely slipped my mind that seagrass obviously grows in the sea, I'll replace it for something that makes more sense! Thanks for pointing that out ^-^   The entire lake is acidic, but the deeper parts are more acidic. I based it off something my biology teacher once said, about how some lakes had a lower pH in the deeper parts than in the shallower parts. Though that could be incorrect but I'll just roll with it :D

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Oh my god I love these fish! :D   Poor fish when they get taken out of the water though :(

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5 Dec, 2020 20:32

I love this fish, though, if nothing grows where they live, i do wonder what they eat.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
5 Dec, 2020 21:41

Thanks!!   They live off of the smaller fish that live in the shallower parts of the lake.

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24 Jan, 2021 19:45

These articles look like taken straight out of encyclopedia, love them. The fish itself reminds me of fugu fish but there are probably more poisonus fish out there. I really like the idea of them existiong only in this small part of the world and reason why they would not spread anywhere else. Good job!