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The town with a well kept secret

Vatnsil is a large town in the north-east of Ashilder in Dysvoll. It's situated next to the Esir River, north of the Secki Plains and close to the mountain range that divides Ashilder from Elken.  
It's a peculiar thing really, we keep our most valuable skills hidden from the outside world.   We would rather be known as a simple mining community than have the knights knock on our doors and steal away our children for something they cannot be faulted for.
— Inhabitant of Vatnsil

Mining Settlement

While Vatnsil is not the biggest town by far, it is still known in Ashilder as one of the mining towns that supply the rest of the country with metals and ore. There are multiple mines in and near the town, those under the town are the oldest, and as they were exhausted for resources, the miners moved east, closer to the mountains.   Ashilder's relationship with Minnaha is quite strained, and while they've had relative peace, that peace could crumble quite soon. Due to this, most of the mining goods that Vatnsil export are transported to closeby smithing towns to be made into weapons, armour and other items that might aid them in a war.  

Masters of their craft

Vatnsil is not a leading expert on mining not even in their own area. There are plenty of other mining locations in Ashilder and the rest of Dysvoll. But they do lead the world in one thing, Prohibum Synthesis. This is kept secret from the outside world since it might attract unwanted attention.   The secret to making prohibum is guarded very well and is only known by a select few in the town. The flower used in making prohibum is the Vlari flower, but only the specific genus found around Vatnsil. The Vlari Pollen is the key ingredient, and so these flowers are protected in various ways.  

Protecting their own

One might wonder why a town would go through so much to produce this substance and keep the materials and technique a secret.  
The answer is simply, that it is their best chance to protect their own.   Vatnsil has a high amount of people who possess a Fae Mark and therefore have magic and can do spells.   Magic is highly controlled in Dysvoll, either monitored or outlawed with many different severities of punishment for using it.
Some people might hate those with a fae mark, but we protect our own.   They did not choose to be different, and so we will make sure to show that we stand with them, for they are one of us.
— Citizen of Vatnsil
  The prohibum dampens a magic-users abilities, and thus prevents big outbursts that might happen accidentally due to inexperience. This gives the citizens of Vatnsil an advantage, since it will be easier to teach fae marked children to control their powers with as few accidents as possible. Accidents might lead to discovery, which could result in a child being taken away.   In some cases, removed children are trained to be soldiers, in other cases they are left to rot in a jail cell. There are also some areas where they are as ruthless as to just kill the child, whereafter they dump the body in the nearest convenient spot.
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)

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Vlari Pollen
Material | Jul 19, 2022

Pollen collected from the Vlari flower, used to make prohibum.

Prohibum Making
Technology / Science | Jul 21, 2022

A technique to make prohibum, a substance produced in Vatnsil from Vlari pollen, which dampens magical output.

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