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Prohibum Making

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Prohibum making is the process in which Vlari Pollen is turned into prohibum, which is a substance that alters magical output for magic users. Prohibum making is a secret technique known only by the Flower Circle, who carry it out in secret and distribute the product to local magic users. No one else knows how to make it, nor that the flowers are the source of it.   The prohibum is made from the Pollen of a special version of the Vlari flower. The Vlari Minor only grows around the Esir River in northern Ashilder, very close to Vatnsil where the Flower Circle have their base of operations.  

Making Prohibum

The steps in making the prohibum include sifting the pollen, separating different compounds through distillation and purification of the final product. The whole process is delicate, as any mistakes can lead to a useless product or a highly concentrated one that can lead to wrong use and unintended dangerous doses.   Steps prior to prohibum making:
  • Dry out the flowers in enclosed containers.
  • When the flowers are thoroughly dried, place them on metal sifting mats with small holes. Sift carefully. The pollen will fall off and fall through the holes into a container underneath. Store dry.
  Steps in Prohibum making:
  1. The pollen is mixed with a solvent
  2. Then the mixture is transferred to a distillation system, made by the Flower Circle. Usually operated by someone with a Water Mark, since it's much easier to control different elements this way.
  3. The mixture is heated up, and the water-marked person controls the heating, cooling and condensation of the mixture.
  4. After it has cooled down, it is now separated from other impurities in the original mixture.
  5. After this, the mixture is dehydrated and stored in a tight container.
  6. Before use, it is often mixed with a strong-tasting, non-alcoholic drink or sprinkled over food. Some just mix it into their water.
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