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Flower Circle

The secret of the flowers

The Flower Circle is an obscure and secret group of people, who are led by the Knowledge Master. They can only be found in Vatnsil, in the northern parts of Ashilder in Dysvoll.  
Most of us think that the name Flower Circle is a little silly, but I suppose that was the intentions of the founders.   If anyone overheard us, they would simply think we're gardening enthusiasts.
That's surely a good cover!
— Member of the Flower Circle

Purpose of the Flower Circle

The Flower Circle was founded a little over two hundred years ago, in 1307 ADF. The organisation's purpose is to keep the secret of Prohibum Making alive, but also hidden. Furthermore, they aim to help and protect magic users in their local area, by use of prohibum. The members of the group as a whole carry out and knows the secrets of Prohibum Making.  

Leader of the flowers

The organisation is led by the Knowledge Master, who keeps all of the knowledge and bestows it unto those who need it. The Knowledge Master also chooses who to let into the ranks of the organisation and who will be his apprentice and eventually the next Knowledge Master. It takes a lot to even be considered for the Flower Circle, as the Knowledge Master always has to ensure, that they carry the right values with them and are willing to protect their neighbours, whoever they may be.  

Helping magic users

The secrets of the Flower Circle are a very touchy subject in today's Dysvoll, as not everyone would see kindly to the purpose of Prohibum Making. The prohibum is a substance which can help people with a Fae Mark, by dimming magical output and ensuring that large scale accidents will not happen. This allows inexperienced magic users to practice magic, with little risk of being discovered by the authorities.  
Many governments in Dysvoll either highly regulate or even forbid the use of magic, because they fear it poses a threat to their power.   In some cases, it's also simply based in hate for that which is different, or anything to do with the Fae.
Barely any of us in the Flower Circle have a fae mark, but we all know someone that does. We keep on doing what we do, to protect those we care about and those in our community.
— Member of the flower circle
  Vatnsil has a high population of people with a fae mark, and so for centuries, the Flower Circle has helped ensure that minimum attention is drawn to the town. With the small amount of magical incidents in the town, the town has been marked as a low-magic-risk area by the Ashilder government, and due to this, there are barely any patrols in the town.  

Fractured knowledge

The secrets of the Flower Circle is only collected fully in one place, and that is with the Knowledge Master. The rest of the group's members only know the amount of information they need to carry out their specific role in the group.   The purpose of splitting up the knowledge is to minimise the risk of their secrets slipping out. Even if someone was highly intoxicated, or forcefully interrogated, they couldn't give out all the information, because they simply don't know it all.
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Leader Title
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Prohibum Making
Technology / Science | Jul 21, 2022

A technique to make prohibum, a substance produced in Vatnsil from Vlari pollen, which dampens magical output.


Group Roles

  • Knowledge Master
    Leader, guardian of the groups secrets, chooses new members.
  • Flower Harvesters
    Harvests flowers, in charge of making sure there isn't overharvesting happening.
  • Flower Handler
    Dries the flowers and harvests the pollen and seeds
  • Seed Keeper
    Stores the harvested seeds in a safe environment until they are needed, as well as plant them in the right places.
  • Prohibum Maker
    Makes the pollen into the final product, which is safe for consumption.
  • Distributer
    Distributes the prohibum to the people who need it.
Settlement | Jul 22, 2022

A town in Ashilder, the leading manufacturer of Prohibum

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