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Knowledge Master

Guardian of the secrets

The Knowledge Master is the highest ranking individual in the Flower Circle. He is the only member to have all the knowledge at once, whereas the rest of the members only have a fragment of the information, only the bits they need.  

The wise leader

The Knowledge Master knows all there is to know about the Vlari minor flower, where they are, how to harvest it and how to store it. He knows how to get the Vlari Pollen from the flowers, how to get the seeds and how to store them until they are needed. He knows where to sow the seeds and when to do so. Most importantly, he knows the Prohibum Making technique, which has been passed down for many years in the flower circle.  

Role of the Knowledge master

Though the Knowledge Master knows every step it takes to make prohibum, he does not participate in any of it. The Knowledge Master's only job in the Flower Circle is to guard this knowledge and bestow necessary information onto those who need it. He teaches newly recruited members their place in the group and how to carry out their responsibilities. Most importantly, he finds his apprentice, who will take over leading the flower circle when they have been taught everything there is to know.  

Respected, but secret

The Knowledge Master is highly respected by the other group members, who know what he is and what he does. However, the rest of the community in Vatnsil is not aware who he is, to protect both him and the secrets. Instead, there are specific group members whose only job is to distribute the prohibum to those who need it.   The work of the group is very secret, but the people of the town know that this substance comes from somewhere of course. Many are very thankful to the flower circle, even though they don't know who they are. No one tries to find out either, as they are well aware that it could put everyone involved in trouble and even in danger, so it is best not to know.
In effect
Length of Term
Minimum of 5 years, until the successor has been taught enough to take over
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Prohibum Making
Technology / Science | Mar 16, 2024

A technique to make prohibum, a substance produced in Vatnsil from Vlari pollen, which dampens magical output.

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