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A Town of Weapons

Written by ninne124

Armsby is a well-known town in [the same place as Briarholm]. The town is famous for its production of high-quality weapons, mostly blades but also certain types of magical weapons to aid people with Fae Marks.  
So you're looking for a blade, just like everyone else who seek me out?   If you've ever heard of me, you know it won't cost peanuts. But what are you willing to give?

Weapon production

Most weapons produced in Armsby are blades. Their speciality lies in longer blades, both two-handed and one-handed, but they also produce weapons as small as daggers.  

The Kloevendal Blades

The most famous blacksmith in the town is Firand Jermain, a 47-year-old woman who is specialised in making the ceremonial sword known as a Kloevendal Blade. These blades were previously used in battle, but their weight and big decorative handles often got in the way. Over the years, the blades were used less frequently in wars and confrontations, but it became a prestige symbol instead.   The Kloevendal Blades are now used in ceremonies, especially when instating a new leader of one of the nations in Dysvoll. Whether that be a president, a King or a Queen. There are also some of the Fae who use the swords when crowning the new High Fae.
Characters in Location
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