Firand Jermain

The Crafter of Blades

Written by ninne124

Firand is a kind woman who lives in Armsby. However, never take her kindness for weakness as she is anything but that. The blacksmith field is mostly dominated by men in the area around Armsby. As such, Firand is often overseen by people who don't know her or her work. She's hailed as the greatest current blacksmith in Armsby.  
Many men make the mistake of underestimating Firand.   Underestimating anyone can land you in trouble, but underestimating her - well yeah that could land you six feet under!
— Armsby Villager
  Firand is the main crafter of the Kloevendal Blade and she is often commissioned by high ranking people within the nearby nations. Her family has a long history of blade forging, especially two-handers and the Kloevendal Blades. Her family is said to hail from Kloevendal and that they were the ones who made the first versions of the blades. Since then, the secrets of the blade are passed down from parent to child each generation.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1538 ADF 46 Years old
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
172 cm

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