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Vulas Brymenor

Leader of the Earth Fae

Vulas Brymenor is the current High Fae of the Earth Fae, and one of the members of the High Fae Court. He's known as one of the most talented magic users within the earth field and can command enormous amounts of power at his every whim. He's known to be calculated and as a leader who would rather protect what they already have than bite off more than they can chew and risk losing.  
Vulas is a voice of reason. He's always ready to calm down the other High Fae when things get a bit too intense at the meetings. Vulas is realistic and careful and he goes to great lengths to ensure that they don't take too great risks. We see this as some of his many great strengths.
— Advisor to Vulas Brymenor.

Becoming a Leader

The title of High Fae of the Earth Fae was passed onto Vulas by his father, who held the title before him. He had been chosen as the successor from a very young age and was bestowed the title when he was 72 years old. Currently, Vulas has held the position of High Fae for 60 years since 1524 ADF.
  His father held the position for many years and decided that once he turned 160 years old, he was going to let the mantle pass to Vulas, so he could enjoy the rest of his days with his partner in peace.   Vulas' two siblings didn't mind the decision and supported their brother in his training and studying to become a fit leader.
Vulas has always known what he wanted, and worked hard to get there. It was important to him to become a good leader, already from a young age. I wanted to support him in this endeavour, and I am proud to see the who he has become.
— Vulas' cousin


Vulas Brymenor was into a small but powerful family. With all of his grandparents gone, Vulas had only his parents, uncle and aunt and one cousin as family. Years down the line, his twin brothers were born, increasing the family size just a little.   Vulas' twin little brothers were born 15 years after Vulas, and so due to age differences they didn't have the closest bonds growing up. However, both were very supportive of their brother, and agreed that he was most fit to lead. This was also partly due to both of them having interest in pursuing different futures than that of a leader. Both of them were musically and artistically inclined and much preferred those sorts of activities over politics.   Vulas was close friends with his cousin from a young age, having only 5 years of difference between them. When his aunt and uncle died, Vulas and his parents took in his cousin and she became more like a sister figure for him. She helped him with his studies and helped his parents by tending to the household while they were busy with diplomatic meetings.  


While Vulas preaches stability and safety in his political life, he's much more of an easy going person in private. His friends have many stories from their youth of the daring and sometimes downright dumb things they did. He has strong morals, and makes sure that his actions don't impact others, if it can be avoided.  
Vulas can be relaxed and easy going, but when you see him while he's leading, he's completely different. The man has unwavering morals and he is as stubborn as they make them!
— Friend of Vulas Brymenor
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1452 ADF 132 Years old
Dark brown, golden flecks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Medium Brown
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

High Fae Court
Organization | Dec 29, 2022

A court composed of all 7 types of Fae. This court was created after the treaty of Kloevendal.

The day I forsake my beliefs and my people is the day I relinquish my title. I am nothing if I am not a just leader, who does what he believes to be best for his subjects.
— Vulas Brymenor
Sometimes Brymenor can be a bit intense during our High Court meetings, but he's always seemed passionate about keeping ensuring the well-being of the fae!
Anlyrri Zylthana, High Fae of the Light Fae

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