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Anlyrri Zylthana

Leader of the Light Fae

Anlyrri Zylthana is one of the most important Fae currently alive, she is the High Fae of the Light Fae. She is one of the younger High Faes, being only just above 100 years old.  
We are lucky to have Anlyrri Zylthana as our high fae.   She's thoughtful and intelligent, and those two attributes make the basis of a great leader!
— Light fae

Ascend to power

Anlyrri became the Light High Fae at the age of 96 after the previous high fae was deemed unfit to continue holding the position. The previous Light High Fae was her paternal uncle Elion Zylthana, who was 223 years of age when he was forced to step down as high fae and give the title to his niece. Those around him had expressed their worries over his declining health and failing memory and didn't think it reasonable that a man who sometimes forgot his own name held such big responsibilities.  

Internal Disharmony

Anlyrri's uncle had no children himself and had decided 10 years prior, that the title should go to Anlyrri. He wanted it to be given to the next generation, instead of his brother. Her father had hoped to be named the new high fae but didn't put up a fight when Elion's decision was announced.   After Anlyrri ascended to power, her father became colder towards her, and their once close bond faltered.  

Personal Life

On a warm summer's day in 1476 ADF, Anlyrri was born during a solar eclipse. To Light Fae, this is a sign that the child is meant for greatness or great destruction. Anlyrri's parents decided that their girl, of course, was meant for great things and so they didn't let the solar eclipse weigh on their minds.  


Anlyrri has 2 older brothers and a younger sister, all of whom she's always gotten along with great. Since their childhood days, she's been especially close to the younger of her two brothers, Elduin Zylthana.
  When they were kids, they were inseparable and most said that it was like the two could read each other's minds.   In their adult lives, they're just as close. Elduin is Anlyrri's most trusted advisor, whom she discusses everything important with.
My sister is one of the best people I know!   I'm happy she was the one who became the High Fae after our uncle stepped down.
— Elduin Zylthana


Anlyrri is described as a bubbly and happy woman in her personal life, she's a social butterfly who cares deeply for those around her. She's very emotional and gifted when it comes to reading other people's moods, something she's good at using in diplomatic settings.   She has a love for the arts and is skilled in singing, often performing during bigger theatre plays or festivals.
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1476 ADF 108 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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Organization | Dec 29, 2022

A court composed of all 7 types of Fae. This court was created after the treaty of Kloevendal.

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