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Elion Zylthana

A once great leader, now in his old days

Elion Zylthari is a Light Fae who's lived a long and fulfilling life. He's the son of the first Light High Fae to be in the High Fae Court, and was chosen as the successor around 20 years prior to getting the title.  

Light Arch Fae

In 1572 ADF, he stepped down as Light Arch Fae, at the age of 223. Many had expressed their concern that he was getting to old, and that with his failing health and memory, he should not be in a position of such great power. He had been documented to have times where he couldn't even recall his own name, and so they took this as a sign that it might be time for a new leader.  

A new Generation of leaders

Elion had chosen Anlyrri Zylthana to be the next high fae after him. He had no children of his own and decided to choose one of his brother's children, since he wanted the next generation to be able to step up.   Elion had the closest connection to Anlyrri and had seen her shine in the many roles she'd been entrusted with through her life, and thought her to be the right fit.
Year of Birth
1349 ADF 235 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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