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Elduin Zylthana

Important Advisor

Elduin Zylthana is a light fae from the family of the High Fae, he is the older brother to Anlyrri Zylthana the current Light High Fae. Elduin serves as her closest confidant and advisor, and has a lot of influence in the world of the Fae.  
Him and I have been close since we were children. Now that we've grown and matured, we are closer than ever. There is no person I would trust over Elduin.
— Anlyrri Zylthana


Elduin was born as the second child, he has one older brother and two younger sisters. He was known around the estate as a responsible child, who sometimes participated in his younger sisters pranks, though he always made sure they were harmless and fun.  


As he grew up, he was quite studious and went on to study the history and political relationship between all the fae. Peace had only just been established with the Treaty of Kloevendal and his family was involved in making the peace last between the fae.  

Advisor to the leader

After finishing his studies, he returned home and acted as an advisor to his uncle. It was Elduin who raised his concerns with Elion Zylthana, about how he was no longer fit to lead due to his age and health concerns. When Elion chose to step down, Elduin became the advisor to his sister, the new Light High Fae.
Light Yellow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Tan

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