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Kymil Nirmaris

Leader of the Air Fae

High Fae Kymil Nirmaris

Kymil Nirmaris is the current High Fae of the Air Fae. She rose to the tank after her father Celtin Nirmaris, who was both high fae and Arch High Fae was assassinated.   She had been chosen by her father to be his successor when she was only 15 years of age, and he had trained her ever since to ensure she'd be ready to lead.  
Kymil has shown incredible improvement over the last few months, she excels far more than I'd ever dared to dream she would.   My instinct was correct, she is the right successor, for when I can no longer lead the Air Fae.
— Entry in Celtin Nirmaris' personal journal, found after his death


Kymil was born in 1432 as the second child of Celtin Nirmaris and Helni Nirmaris. She has two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. Linnah Nirmaris was born 4 years before Kymil while Kensin Nirmaris is 7 years younger than Kymil.  


During her childhood, she was very close with her older sister as well as her grandma Wilse Nirmaris. She took a great interest in arching, which she was taught by her grandma.   Her sister excelled in magic from a young age and sought to teach her sister all that she knew. This led to Kymil being skilled in controlling Air Magic much younger than most air fae. However, as a girl, she mostly used her magical skills to ensure her arrows hit the centre of the target, as she didn't have an as great talent for arching.  
Ssshhh! Not so loud!   Yes of course we all know Kymil is cheating, but don't let her know! She's honing her magical skills by cheating at target shooting. This way, we also avoid unnecessary damage caused by some of her arrows that otherwise wouldn't even come close to the target...
Wilse Nirmaris, grandma of Kymil

Adding to the family

At the age of 78, Kymil met her future husband, Fonlen Elinse. After marrying in 1514 ADF, he changed his name to Fonlen Nirmaris. The two welcomed two children a few years later. A girl named Raire Nirmalis in 1516 ADF and a boy named Minles Nirmalis in 1519 ADF.  


Kymil was known as a quite serious child, she was good at following orders and wasn't overly talkative. She's always enjoyed nature walks and getting to be with her own thoughts.   In her adult days, she's still not one to engage in small talk. She prefers long conversations about things that matter to her or her conversation partner, and "weather talk" unnerves her. She's very direct and doesn't dance around topics, which can make her come across as rude or impatient, though she sees it as a way not to waste time.   She cares deeply for her family and though she very much sees herself as an individual removed from others, her family are her closest confidantes and friends.  

The Assasination

When Kymil was 65 years old, everything in her life changed drastically. Celtin Nirmaris was assassinated by a human and with her father's sudden demise, Kymil had to step up and become the new High Fae.   The assassination of Celtin Nirmaris was a big deal for the Fae. He was the first leader of a united fae, a symbol of peace.   He was killed so violently and so many of the fae were out for blood. However, the last thing the fae needed was a full-blown war with the humans, since it could end up making the fae home worlds common knowledge to the humans.
Those who are responsible for my father's death will get what they are owed.   We will find them, root them out and exterminate them.   However, it will not be a full-out war. It is important to keep our homes hidden.   If the existence of our realms and the entrances to them became common knowledge for humans, we would be in grave danger.
— Kymil Nirmaris, in a speech held shortly after Celtin's assassination

Becoming the High Fae

Battling with an enormous amount of grief and anger made this new set of responsibilities weigh even harder on her shoulders. With support from her family she did her best to step up and lead the Light Fae, but the beginning of her reign was bumpy and turbulent, especially for Kymil herself. Other high-ranking members of the Air Fae Court began questioning whether Kymil was even fit to lead. This created tension in the court.   A group within the court were loudly opposing her being the leader, and Kymil had to work hard to convince them that she could handle being High Fae. The fae leading the opposition against her were also those who had not seen kindly to her father. With time, many retired and those who didn't were discreetly placed in roles that were less important.


Kymil Nirmaris


Towards Fonlen Nirmaris

Fonlen Nirmaris


Towards Kymil Nirmaris

Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1432 ADF 152 Years old
Fonlen Nirmaris (spouse)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Family Tree

High Fae
Rank/Title | Jun 5, 2020

The ruler of one of the types of Fae.

Kymil has always been a better fit to be a leader than me. When our father died, she kept her head cool even though she was grieving just as much as the rest of us.
— Linnah Nirmaris, big sister
High Fae Court
Organization | Dec 29, 2022

A court composed of all 7 types of Fae. This court was created after the treaty of Kloevendal.

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